How I Fell Off Rata Sum And Landed In Jail

The way I play Guild Wars 2 may not be the way everyone else does, but I always manage to entertain myself.

Over the weekend, in between doing some storyline quests with my son, we decided to start jumping off the bridges in Rata Sum and see how far down we could get. Frequently we would land at the very bottom (splat) and laugh. Soon after that we decided to try jumping off the outside of Rata Sum and see how far down we could slide before some abrupt edge would stop us dead. Eventually we slid right up to and over the edge, watching our bodies fall (and die in mid-air) all the way down into a lake – waiting for a revive that isn’t coming. This gave us an idea. My son ran back to his bank and grabbed his revive orb and jumped off again. He self-revived and then revived me and we set out to explore this area we have never seen before.


We were actually underneath Rata Sum. We could swim under the giant cube shaped city. We found a few interesting things, like Zojja’s lab even though they ignored us and the portals didn’t work. I saw an interesting looking structure and decided to go look at it but before I got there I was teleported into a prison cell deep inside Rata Sum. This was hilarious to me. I ported out because I wanted to find the prison from the outside of the cell as I had never noticed it before. By the time I found it, my son had also been teleported into the jail cell.

[If you haven’t been to the jail in Rata Sum, seek it out. The prisoners and their descriptions are worth the trip.]

This adventure is something we will not soon forget. It was so much fun we couldn’t stop laughing. I half expected a developer to pop into the cell and yell at me because I assumed we must have gone somewhere we shouldn’t have.

After this happened I spent some time searching the internet and it appears to be a pretty well known place, but for a while there it felt like we were the first people ever to find this unexplored area and it was wonderful.

Have you ever wandered into an interesting location in a game only to realize afterwards you should not have been there? Or just found something strange or unusual that you might not normally find during typical game play?

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “How I Fell Off Rata Sum And Landed In Jail”

  1. Playing Reinhold Messner in the Shiverpeak Mountains, I fell off a mountain top (of course) and landed in a deep, narrow crack where couldn’t get out. At that point I still didn’t know that you can port yourself from such places (until then I thought you have to stand inside the waypoints to port). Left the game, logged in again, still cramped in the gap. 8-| Thought that must be “game over”, until I informed a fellow gildie about my predicament. Learned a new game feature that way. :-D

  2. Even though I’ve been playing since release, I still find new things. Just yesterday I was wandering around Metrica and climbed some rocks to find a string of WARNING beacons along a cliff ledge, which eventually led to a cave with an Asura hiding out with her 20 pet rabbits (she was a bit annoyed I had found her doing something as un-Scientific as having bunnies around just because she likes them).

  3. Sounds like heaps of fun. During one of the beta weekends for GW2 – the first time with vistas added to the game – I was in Rata Sum as people tried to climb up the side of things for vistas and, inevitably, fell. It very quickly became a contest to see who could get the highest damage to themselves by falling further than anyone else down the side of the city, and it was strangely hilarious! Didn’t have revive orbs then; your son’s idea is genius :D

    Also, Ethic, your asura is really cool-looking!

  4. “After this happened I spent some time searching the internet and it appears to be a pretty well known place, but for a while there it felt like we were the first people ever to find this unexplored area”

    Not too surprising, really, given how low the population of the cities are, especially away from the crafting stations, trading posts and banks (which are very close together in Rata Sum).

  5. I don’t know why does that cost us gems to get to see the outside of Rata Sum. The sights are beautiful out there. (Hint: You can get to the Polymock Arena :DD)

  6. My friends and I have found a way to resurrect without using revive orbs in Rata Sum (perhaps it is well known, but it sure was an achievement for us).

    You only need a person to stay back in the city and, once one of explorers is dead, enter the Arcane Council instance in the center of the “ground” level. This will prompt the entire party on whether they want to enter as well. The dead people should press “yes” and then walk out of the instance. They are then revived at the point they were previously – like with story quests.

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