Pouring a forty

As you might know by now, LucasArts has been shut down.

I’m not gonna go into the specifics. You can read those in the link above or elsewhere around the net. I’m also not gonna chastise Disney about what they do or don’t with their stuff just to score brownie points with my inner sense of nostalgia.

I just think it’s very hard to be a gamer with some amount of years behind you and not have come in contact with any of LucasArts’ productions. Whether you enjoyed them or not, they were always part of the landscape over the years. Always there.

Myself, I’m pouring a forty because of TIE Fighter, which I abused for many years, as well as the delightfully off the wall Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders(*) and the several Monkey Islands. Those are mine. If you have your own bottle to add to the pouring, feel free. Comments are all yours.

I wish all those devs affected negatively by these news my sympathies and wishes for an immediate recovery. And if there were any old guns still hanging around…. o7.

(*) Yes, I’m showing my age.

4 thoughts on “Pouring a forty”

  1. I think Loom (the VGA/CD version) was my favorite, but I have fond memories of most of their adventure games.

  2. Tie Fighter and X-Wing were 2 of my favorite games of all time. I LOVED those games.

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