I Get Mail

We frequently receive search engine optimization spam. I presume everyone who runs or writes for a website does. They can help us increase our ad revenue! Okay, so they have never looked at the site. They heard about us from our current ads, but did not click and increase our ad costs! Okay, so they are just blatantly lying from the first sentence to the last.

Replying to spam is generally a bad idea, but I am tempted to have a Popehat pony e-mail exchange sometimes. What do you think of our current KTR ads? By what percent do you think we could increase our revenue? Would it be enough to buy a pony?

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “I Get Mail”

  1. As a reader of Popehat, you surely know that ponies are Teh EBIL!!11! Why would you even consider buying one? The pertinent question should be whether you can make enough to keep yourselves pony-free. That will, unfortunately, probably require more additional revenue than the reverse, since anti-pony mines, razor wire, and the like are very expensive these days.

    Of course, perhaps I am misinterpreting your desires vis-a-vis Popehat. Your question WOULD make sense if your goal is to create a pony-rich environment to keep yourselves Popehat-free. Care to clarify the matter for us?

    1. That pretty much his point when he say they never have look at the site ;)

  2. I think you should’ve replied that for religious and cultural reasons the only ads you would accept would be ads for boat motors. Not boats or boat trailers or boat holidays, but motors. Strictly motors.

    Thanks for the link. That was hilarious.

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