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I have started reviewing cases for the League of Legends tribunal. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. One case was decided in literally the first two words of the chat log. On other games, I want a replay or to see the text before or after the game itself.

Is there just something about Master Yi? A disproportionate number of people I see reported play Yi. It is like he is a lightning rod for foul-mouthed jerks and trolls.

: Zubon

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  1. Considering the lack of incentives for participating other than simple goodwill, do you think a tribunal system could be used for MMOS in general or is it really more focused on a particular genre?

  2. @Asmiroth – they used to give you a nominal amount of IP for cases (5 I think?) which means if you did around 1400 cases you could actually do a champ. Of course, they limited it to 20 a day so that would take months. -but- it was still a decent incentive (because you could top up your IP with it on days you couldn’t play. Like doing Tribunal at work *ahem*, on the can, etc.

    @Zubon – hive of scum and villany indeed! And it is VERY depressing when you read your ‘results’ and see that only 80% of the community agreed that they are indeed banworthy (see: Justice Review).

    It’s neat that they gamify it by giving you a raking and hard stats, as well as results of the cases to see what impact your votes are having.

  3. Love the Tribunal. We have a post 8 pages deep on our forums of Tribunal all-stars. People get very creative with the insults.

  4. When you say you /want/ a replay, are you implying that NA players can actually /see/ replays, or just that you wish you could? In EU we seem to only get static content on a web page.

  5. I signed up for a LoL account just to read the tribunals but it looks like I have to download the client before they let me access that page.

    Oh well. :)

    As if I really needed to read a ‘desperate house gamers of F2P’ show. :)

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