Thoughts Throughout a Rainy Week

These are a simple man’s thoughts that didn’t make it to full posts:

Warframe is a really nice third-person shooter with some ninja-magic effects. The Canadian team seems to have a very good grasp of everything from updates to the cash shop to their technology. Things can get a little grindy, but it pretty much equates to playing anyway. I dislike grinding/buying classes, but for players unwilling to pay the cash shop for classes, the grind seems very reasonable.

I’ve slowed down a lot with Minecraft Feed-the-Beast. I feel like the tech game is mostly over, and now I’m thinking of shedding everything and heading in to the Twilight Forest. The highly anticipated Aether 2 mod seems like it might get released this weekend too. It is an amazing dimension mod in its own right, but the mod team added dungeon instances to the mod.

I feel a bit stupid in Guild Wars 2. Why do I never just go full bore DPS? I know why; it feels boring. But clearly for farming efficiency there is only one stat set: berserker’s. I worked hard to stat out a soldier’s build for necromancer. I can basically tank mobs by standing there and taking the pain. Who cares? A berserker build could down that mob before it puts a dent in the HP. I’m going to start modding the soldier set to become berserker’s, I guess.

I’ve Kickstarted a few things this week. The table-top roleplaying game of epicness, Exalted, is getting in to its third edition. Reading all the developer’s thoughts, I really like where they are headed for lore and playstyle. Their mechanics sound intriguing since they are aiming at an advantage-type enemy kill instead of who-runs-out-of-flawless-defenses-first-dies play.

Going back to Minecraft, I also Kickstarted TUG. It is basically a game where Minecraft is reimagined using a team of original creators instead of one Notch. Notch didn’t really have good direction with Minecraft for story, moddability, servers, etc., and by force of will Mojang has been correcting this with the updates. TUG is being designed with all that in mind. For $10 ($40 at launch) it seems like a decent Kickstart.


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  1. I’m sure the game will be great but who knew that Exalted was going to be such a pig to moderate on :)

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