[GW2] Farming the Community

Where ArenaNet has hit the highest marks for their live-game updates, in my opinion, is where it affects community interaction. For content on its own, even good content such as the Cragstead instance, it’s neat, and then I move on. It is where the Living Story has changed the momentum of daily playing where I feel ArenaNet’s dev energy has had greatest positive effect.

With The Secret of Southsun update Southsun Cove was turned in to the place to farm. It was a comfortable farm too. One could join a snake of players through the northern Southsun Shoals as they train along running over young karka. There was also the skelk wading pool, which just became too bloody efficient. My favorite was farming the instigator events.

There are two instigator events. One is located near Kiel’s Outpost, and the other is located in the middle of Southsun at Driftglass Springs. The event has players dealing with a champion settler who riles up settler adds and throws AoE firebombs. There is a decent chest at the end of the event as well as the champion’s loot. The zerg rocks back and forth between these two events while dealing with a few other events in between. It’s actually pretty relaxing and fun.

The conversations are relaxed. Jokes fly. People share what they got with their loot drops. It’s a good community vibe around such an oft-reviled activity. Of course, with the buffs provided by the island’s inhabitants to kick up magic find 200%, how could the community not rally around utilizing that to the fullest?

I’ve always felt that ArenaNet has been fantastic with festivals. This morning ArenaNet launched their Dragon Bash festival page detailing everything that will come next week. That means mid-June the inhabitants of Southsun can finally breathe a sigh of relief as players crash back to Lion’s Arch. There activities will form around the festival’s mini-games and PvP game. The community will be herded under the glowing holographic dragon.

This is not a new thing in the MMO genre, but usually it is in regard to the next tier of weapons or the next zone. The community in that MMO then focuses on obtaining the next newest power level. ArenaNet is doing this a bit differently by changing the activities. The rewards are much different than increased power level too. Perhaps when Guild Wars 2 is a year old I will take time to pull out ye ol’ scrapbook and bank notes.

The biggest thing for this post is the community’s focus. It massages rough edges of gameplay. It’s more fun to be around people doing a somewhat fun activity than it is for me to be alone playing great content. It’s fun to farm with my herd.


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  1. “That means mid-June the inhabitants of Southsun can finally breathe a sigh of relief as players crash back to Lion’s Arch.”

    I am not sure Southsun will go empty again… the queen karka event started today and it is permanent. IMHO, the chest with two rares each day is enough for make players going to Southsun like they go to Claw of Jormag or Shaterer event. Im my server, TC, it is a lot of people going to that world bosses events.

    1. @SynCaine

      Well, I get the 100 flowers for upgrade the karka backpack to ascended, runing from passiflora node to passiflora node while Southsun living story was happening. Now I need T6 blood for make for my ele a full berserker gear, because I concluded that the condition exotic gear I have it is not the best one for wvw ( I need 30 T6 blood for craft it). I will too need 250 T6 blood for craft an ascended backpack for my ranger… so, a lot of blood farming for me….

      The karka queen drops 2 rares per day per character. Fighting all that mobs for mantain the 4 settlements clean (or the karka queen don’t spawn) give me a chance for T6 mats (that blood drop from karkas). The 2 rares I salvage for the ectos and players normally go to the boss events because they want a chest that can give rares or exotic that they can salvage for ectos. Anyway ever there is a minimal chance to get a precursor.

      The world bosses events are fun because a lot of people go there and while wait for the boss spawn they make a “party”: dance, food, rp, talk. Southsun karka queen event is a lot fun because not only the people want that 2 rares and a chance for a precursor, but they need run constantly from settlement to settlement for clean them. So, basically the place have a zerg running from settlement event to settlement event while players wait for queen karka event kick and queen karka really needs a zerg for go down fast. It is chaotic when mobs from the settlement event near come join for defend queen karka.

      My current situation is: I have 5 level 80 characters, all they have exotic armor but maybe I need craft a second or third gear set for each one (magic find set and a berserker set), I don’t have a legendary weapon because I just need a precursor that I have no luck using mystic toilet, I am going everyday to wvw for complete dailly there and because I like EB fights for conquest that central keep (this week TC, SoS and FA had at same time all zergs inside Lord room, that was a crazy 2 hours battle). The changes they made to wvw are making the battles more interesting, but a sad consequence is that friday night and now too saturday night there are long queues for enter battlegrounds. IMHO, they will need add more wvw maps sooner or later.

      I am trying too not use real money for buy gems, so I need farm some gold. And I am trying build a cool look for each character I have and that dragon wings and helmet will be nice for my norn warrior. I am following the living story chapters because they give nice cosmetic drops that show you are following the game (the fiery book backpack, the toy weapons, the molten groves, the karka and flower backpacks) and I want see how the story will end, because I noted they are developing a full story from Lost Shores to Last Stand. So, the answer to that guy that wrote something about equity and MMO I can say I ever see people asking me about the fiery book backpack and how I get it.

      If I find some time, maybe I try some CoF for get money. I really don’t like fractals, so I am not trying it. I am to not trying spvp, but I see how that can make sucess as e-sport now that there is customized arenas and expectator mode, because other e-sport pvp are P2W (got perfume?).

      If they add a new race I will create a 6th toon and make all leveling again.

      And all that because GW2 don’t have an endgame and it is dying….

      1. So the same skin farming they had at release, basically.

        That’s what I though. Works for some I guess.

        1. I know you are hip deep in DF, but I wonder what your thoughts would be on the progression system added in WvW, or the latest dev statement on WvW.

        2. Everything that exist inside a video game is virtual, nothing is real.

          All that toons and gear at all games are only skins, Anet is only more sincere about it.

        3. Haven’t really kept up on GW2 news other than your posts here. Did you make one that I missed about WvW changes?

        4. Not yet. My forays in to WvW have been too brief to really get a reading/review on their changes. It feels good, but not much more to say about that.

      2. @Ravious “It feels good, but not much more to say about that.”

        I am from TC server and for me wvw is + 4 hours queue friday night and from some weeks ago to now too it is some hours of queue saturday night. Every night too is some time in queue if I try go to Eternal Battleground map (I prefer that map, normally better commanders there).

        It is not a rant agains queues, I am just making the observation that queues are going worse. That is the thing that need be said about wvw: the queues are longer now after the wvw changes.

        1. TC has been a full server since headstart. If one wants shorter queues, the simple solution is a transfer. This is always likely to be one of the threee busiest servers in GW2. Queues here are unlikely to ever change, as even some years from now when the game begins to shrink and servers close… people will end up folding into here.

          The choice is simple: Pick a server with a 4 hour queue so that -other people- get to play and keep its WvW rating up top, or go to a smaller server where you have to struggle to maintain a rating, but it is -YOU- getting to enjoy that struggle.

          As for me, I’m here because I’m not a WvWer, and this is the roleplay server. I’m not a RPers either, but I always go where they go as they tend to have the community style I prefer.

  2. I just do it because its relaxing and fun as Ravious says. I sell the loot, bank the stuff that stacks, sell the surplus to make space. Its not about farming to GET anything. It’s about farming because running about in a big gang cracking jokes is fun. It was fun when I was ten and it still is. WvW works for much the same reason.

    I’d much prefer MMOs to go down the route of creating activities that are enjoyable in themselves than to focus, as they have for years, in creating acquisition treadmills.

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