[LoL] Efficient Communication

League of Legends has a simple vocabulary for praise and abuse. “That” before something means “is very good or inherently overpowered.” “This” before something means “is very bad or inherently useless.” You’re in the middle of a game and don’t have time to type a lot of invective, but the most important thing in the world is making sure other people know you are better than them at online games, so you can quickly insult your teammates with “this cait” to make sure everyone knows that your team is only losing because Caitlyn is not performing up to your expectations. Make sure to put it in all chat so the other team can share your scorn for your teammates. Alternately, if “this cait” is on the other team, this will let them know that their team is bad and they should feel bad. Because that is the kind of community the game still supports, even after things have improved.

This also technically gets around using profanity and verbal abuse, although Tribunal reviewers (and most other players) will recognize that people who use a lot of “this cait” will also throw out streams of profanity and racial slurs.

“that cait” is usually reserved for opponents, rather than praising teammates, again to emphasize that losing is not your fault. Ashe, of course, gets it more frequently on either team because of the meme.

: Zubon

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  1. You know what I think every player playing League of Legends the “way they want to”… you know, going back to shop after the teamfight, all of them chasing the one surviving enemy team player to “get a kill”… the Top who spends all his time sitting in a bush giggling… I think they should play like that, with a complete disregard for the rest of the team, in a sports game like soccer or football. They should do that to their friends and in person.

    I wander how long it will take their now ex-friends to beat them to a bloody pulp.

    League of Legends community, taking snarky pretend moral superiority point scoring to all new levels.

    Now, of course you all will giggle that they would NEVER do that to their friends who can and will immediately retaliate. But OF COURSE it’s okay to do it to strangers, cause you know, they can’t get you back. Well, they CAN, but it is VERY VERY WRONG for them to do so.

    Such preening douche bags.

  2. What I’d want to know is where this expectation of the exact ideal thing to do in a team game with so many variables comes from.

    I presume there’s a LoL tome of knowledge somewhere on a wiki or guide or a million Youtube videos that everyone “should” have read or watched before playing.

  3. Best motivation to get better at the game, the higher your ELO, the less likely you are to run into toxic players. You still get them of course, but 1/10 is a hell of a lot better than 6/10.

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