[GW2] New Player’s Guide to Cutthroat Politics

Cutthroat Politics is the second release to the Living World centered on Bazaar of the Four Winds. Most of the content builds on the first release referred to in the New Player’s Guide to Bazaar of the Four Winds, which this Guide supplements. This guide is written for those just buying Guild Wars 2 now or returning after a long break. Any level character may participate in the activities below, unless otherwise noted.

The Core

With the exception of the changes from the Bazaar of the Four Winds core, Cutthroat Politics does not change much of the game if you choose to play normally. Support Tokens will drop occasionally throughout the game as enemies are killed.  These Support Tokens are used only to vote in the pirate election.

What is Going On?

Players are able to vote in a pirate election to determine who will gain the seat of the council in the city of Lion’s Arch. Future storyline content, dungeon content, activity content, and a temporary 4-week communal boon will be determined based on the winner: Ellen Kiel (human inspector) or Evon Gnashblade (charr capitalist).

What Will I Miss?

The most ephemeral thing is the chance to “shape Guild Wars 2’s future” by voting. More information on each candidate’s platform can be found at the official site. By August 6, voting will close, and the new zone, Labyrinthine Cliffs, will become unavailable as the Bazaar will close.

There are also 3 new activities, 2 of which will likely become unavailable after August 6. Aspect Arena is a capture-the-flag style PvP activity using new skills from the Zephyrite people, and Candidate Trials is a defense PvE activity for solo or a group. Southsun Survival is a Hunger Games-like PvP game, but it appears it will become a permanent (rotating) addition.

What Can I Get?

The meta-achievements can be completed to get a miniature version of each of the candidates. There are exclusive Aetherized, tradable weapon skins from playing the Candidate Trials or purchasing Black Lion Chest Keys from the gem store. And, Aspect Arena and Southsun Survival each has an exclusive, tradable back item skin, respectively.

If you are new or just returning now, it is highly recommended that you focus on the achievements necessary to obtain a personal quartz resource node from the Bazaar of the Four Winds rewards if you plan on focusing on the current Living World events.

Getting to Labyrinthine Cliffs

First you need to get to the city of Lion’s Arch. You can either get there through an Asura Gate to Lion’s Arch in your race’s capital city. The entrance to your race’s capital city is through the zone interface (clear portal) right around where you started post-tutorial, and the Asura Gate is a purple portal found on your maps. Alternatively, click the Structured PvP icon (crossed swords) on your menu bar. This will take you to the Heart of the Mists, which has a portal directly to Lion’s Arch. (The first time you do this, skip straight ahead through the structured PvP tutorial area and up the stairs to the Asura Gate. You can return to the tutorial at any time from the Heart of the Mists.) You can use this trick anywhere in the game as long as you are not in combat.

In Lion’s Arch, look on the map for a ship icon, which leads to the Labyrinthine Cliffs Transport Facilitator who will transport you to the Labyrinthine Cliffs. Once there, you will now have a waypoint to Labyrinthine Cliffs so that you can map warp there from anywhere in the world for small fee.

Can I Reasonably Complete the Meta-Achievements?

While it is still suggested that the Bazaar of the Four Winds achievement should be the primary focus, both meta-achievements for supporting the candidates can be completed by a new account with considerable focus towards the activities. For more information on these achievements check out the achievement guides at the Guild Wars 2 wiki and Dulfy’s.

Support Evon GnashbladeEasy: I Like Evon!, Survival Survivor, Gnash All the Blades, Homeland Support; Medium: Southsun Survival: High Scorer, Master Marksman; Hard*: Dungeon Runner (level 30), Maw Mulcher, Direct Support, Advanced Support.

Support Ellen KielEasy: I Like Kiel!, Aspect Arena Frequenter, Kiel Every Day, Homeland Support; Medium: Crystal Breaker, Crystal Capper; Hard*: Dungeon Runner (level 30), Maw Mulcher, Direct Support, Advanced Support.

*For returning players some of these will be much easier to obtain if you have a higher level character or are familiar with dungeons.

Feel free to ask any questions below, and I will try and answer.


14 thoughts on “[GW2] New Player’s Guide to Cutthroat Politics”

  1. Vote Gnashblade!

    I would question the logic of focusing on getting the Quartz Node. I did it on one of my two accounts and I’m not bothering on the other and neither is Mrs Bhagpuss on her two. As it stands you can mine the node once per day per account and it yields the same as any node, namely a standard three pulls of one crystal each plus a potential for one or two more pulls if your WvW bonus fires. There’s also a chance to get a pull of more than one crystal (I’ve had one pull of 5) and a rare chance for a Charged Crystal.

    Quartz crystals are currently found in abundance from the Sky Baskets all over Tyria, in Heavy Loot Bags, from the Sanctum Sprint Rewards, from nodes in the Ciffs map and who knows where else. They also cost around 50-60c each on the TP and you need 125 of them per recipe (for armor at least – not checked others).

    Anyone planning on making a lot of stuff with these crystals would be well advised to spend time farming them directly or farming other things to get the money to buy them. Of course, it’s possible the Personal Instance node might be of some greater use at some time in the future but as it stands, as the owner of one I can attest that using it is just another really irritating daily chore offering virtually no benefit.

    And yet I still might get one on the other account – just in case.

    1. Right now quartz is worth more than mithril ore, which is a very common item. The quartz supply is, as you know, at the highest it will be foreseeably. So it will likely only go up.

      So your choices are, for doing this Living World content meta achievements: get permanent, small access to quartz, or get a miniature.

      The quartz node is not an amazing must-have thing, I agree, but it is the better option IMHO.

      1. I suspect the prize of quartz will go up soon enough once the plentiful supply dries up. I simply can’t imagine visiting the home instance very often to sloowly harvest 3 quartz a day where one needs 25 quartz a day to charge a crystal.

        If you’re already going to buy the remaining 22 quartz, why not just buy the other 3? Casual players who are willing to pop into their home instance, mine and sell the quartz later may stand to make some money from lazy players with gold.

        The only caveat is the popularity of celestial armor may not be that high. Everything past the basic quartz crystal is account bound so crafters seeking profit will not be demanding it. Only those who want the stats and are willing to spend a month charging crystals will be looking for quartz.

        Oh, and the new backpack skins are not exclusive to the PvP minigames. Which is excellent. I’m a big fan of alternatives. If you visit the Fortune Scrap Vendor in the Labyrinthine Cliffs, the non-TP sellable account bound version are going for 200 fortune scraps or 1 Golden Fortune scrap too. The tradeable versions are pretty cheap on the TP too, in the 2-4 gold range.

      2. Yesterday I found that the home instance permanent quartz node have a small chance to drop an infused quartz when harvested.

        For now I am harvesting the cliff’s quartz nodes and farming the chests I find at open world, I want have a good quantity of stored quartz before the event ends.

        “The only caveat is the popularity of celestial armor may not be that high.”

        IMHO, it is possible that we will need quartz for craft ascended gear and precursors when the changes to make crafting go to 500 skill hit the servers. While it is only a possibility, can be a good choice have a lot of quartz stored, just in case.

  2. This guide is perfect for me! Haven’t had chance to play in so very long. Hopefully I’ll get to pop in and check some of this stuff out while it’s around. :) Thank you.

  3. Vote Ellen Kiel! Say “no!” to gambling boxes, don’t vote for cheaper pulls on the slot machine!

  4. Second that, the quartz node looks like the best (and most useful) option of the achievements. I like the desert rose, though. :-) Support Evon as well, he is for sure a true a**h***e (aren’t all politicians?), but he has the better pork barrel. ^^

  5. I am returning player who is out of loop on the game as well as the living story so these guides are very valuable, so thank you!

    My highest level character is level 55 and I am not in guild. Given this, do I have a chance of completing the meta achievements for this event and Bazaar of the Four Winds?

    1. You are uplevel to level 80 when enter the cliffs, so you can complete the events there like everyone. The Bazaar’s chests spawn at all zones except Orr, so you can farm them at any zone that is level 1 to level 55 with no problems. Support tokens have a chance to drop from any mob and from other players at WvW. So, you have razoable chances to to complete that achievements.

      I advice you follow Jeromai’s advice: concentrate your efforts to complete the Bazaar achievements for gain the quartz node. If you have time, try get the candidates minipets, but make the quartz node your main objective.

  6. Quartz crystals down to 39c today. Going to buy a couple of thousand. That should be more than enough for any contingency, although if I had to bet I’d wager these crystals will end up not being used for anything much more than what we see now. The trend seems to be to add new stuff every round and forget about what we had last time.

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