[GW2] New Player’s Guide to Queen’s Jubilee

Queen’s Jubilee is the first release for the August content release in Guild Wars 2. The Queen’s Jubilee is a festival centered on the human capital city of Divinity’s Reach. This guide is written for those just buying Guild Wars 2 now or returning after a long break. Any level character may participate in the activities below, unless otherwise noted.

The Core

In the open world, the Queen’s Jubilee will have players will run across hot air balloon towers and accompanying events to escort dignitaries to the towers, defeat the Queen’s champions, or drive off Aetherblade pirates. At the top of each tower is a treasure chest and free travel to Divinity’s Reach. These towers are found in every open world zone with the exception of the end game zones of Southsun Cove and the Orr region.

What is Going On?

The human queen is celebrating her coronation, and she wishes to show off and celebrate human resilience. She has created the battle arena (new minizone: Crown Pavilion) to test the adventurers of Tyria where players can fight against mechanical Watchknights that are holographically skinned to appear as some of humanity’s enemies. A current nuisance of the good peoples of Tyria, the Aetherblade pirate faction, is doing their best to disrupt the celebration.

What Will I Miss?

The Crown Pavilion mini-zone is essentially a non-stop combat arena for hordes of players to take on hordes of enemies and bosses. To put it quite simply, this is where a lot of people are going to be. The upper ring of the mini-zone also has a new activity, Queen’s Gauntlet, which is a 1v1 battle against themed enemies. Both of these will be available for only four weeks (starting August 6th), but it has been strongly hinted that the Queen’s Jubilee will be a yearly event in Guild Wars 2.

There is a story instance to complete before entering the Crown Pavilion, which likely sets up the story for a later August release. The human capital city, Divinity’s Reach, also has an activity called Beacons of Kryta, where players are tasked with running to beacons that need to be lit within a certain time limit.

What Can I Get?

There are two separate achievement categories for this Living World update, and both achievement categories give a miniature for completion of the meta-achievement. The constant events and player activity in the Crown Pavilion is also an excellent place to level characters. Be warned that it is a very hectic place, and it is highly suggested to use a ranged AoE weapon if you intend to use the zone to quickly level.

The new resource that drops in the Crown Pavilion is the Watchwork Sprockets, which can be used to buy rewards from the Emissaries in the center of the Crown Pavilion. Notably, the Sovereign weapon skins are available from the Emissaries, and will likely remain exclusive to this Living World update.

Getting to the Queen’s Pavilion

The easiest way to get to the Queen’s Pavilion is to go out in to any explorable area and find a hot air balloon tower. At the top of the tower there is means to get free passage to Divinity’s Reach and the Queen’s Pavilion. You can also use the asura warp gates located in all the racial cities to get to Lion’s Arch (asura warp gate hub), and then to Divinity’s Reach.

Can I Reasonably Complete the Meta-Achievements?

The Queen Jennah’s Jubilee meta-achievement is very easily completable by a player at any level. It requires 16 achievements, at least 3 of which must come from doing Living World achievements found in the Daily achievement category. Most of the Living World achievements are done within the Crown Pavilion, but Party Crasher Crusher, Balloon Tower Tourist, and Winner and Champion are done near hot air balloon towers. Luminary of Kryta is done in Divinity’s Reach.

The Queen’s Gauntlet will be significantly tougher for anyone having just started Guild Wars 2. I would expect that the fights were balanced against level 80 characters with decent gear, skill selections, and traits. It is highly suggested to be at least level 30 so that an elite skill is available, and it will be significantly better to be level 60 so that full trait lines are available.

Check out the official Guild Wars 2 wiki, GW2 Hub, or Dulfy’s for more specific guides on this content.

Feel free to ask any questions below, and I will answer them as much as possible.


4 thoughts on “[GW2] New Player’s Guide to Queen’s Jubilee”

  1. Thanks for this. Returning player! Just discovered after much fiddling my laptop will run Guild Wars 2 so spent the past 3 or 4 hours squealing over everything.. again. Then managed to complete the torch run WITHOUT run speed one time and moved on to the Pavilion where I did the opening ceremony bit then plenty of the boss guys which is amazing experience. Also fab for the rewards and levelling gear. And karma. At my level anyway, started the night at 35, almost 37 now. Really loving it! Did I see mention of a companion pet too from this event?

    1. Awesome! Yes, you get a mini Watchknight for completing the meta-event in the Queen’s Jubilee category. Make sure you do a few Living World dailies. These are found in the Daily achievement category, but have a different icon.

      1. And another little guy for.. completing the arena stuff? It’s a lot of fun! I’ll have a nose when I log in later, thanks. :D

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