[GW2] MMO Economics

Mithril Ore – Buy order: 34c. Sell order: 37c.
Carrot – Buy order: 1s21c. Sell order: 1s50c.

: Zubon

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  1. My favourite is:

    Rosemary sprig – 17 s

    just recently they were slightly more expensive than ectos. They greatly increased in price for the same reason carrots and onion increased, high-end consumables that players realised existed. I like that cooking uses ingredients from all level ranges, lemongrass poultry soup and curry butternut squash soup require about a dozen ingredients each, of which rosemary is the most expensive component and it comes from mid-level areas.

  2. It’s not necessarily surprising. Carrots are cheap before.. so why bother gathering nodes that may give them? Skip over them… so potential shortage. Mithril on the other hand is in the end game zones and you can get ruby crystals from those nodes. Also carrots could be an ingredient in a highly desired food atm for the gauntlet (I don’t know.. I don’t have a cook. :P But certain foods and ingredients doubled in price due to people wanting them for the Liadri fight.) Stuff like rosemary sprigs are even worse as they can only be found in lvl 30-70 areas and with only a chance from young/mature herbs. All mats in that level range tend to cost more than the starter and endgame area ones.

      1. It’s very sad that multiple commenters feel the need to explain the joke after missing it then act condescending about it.

  3. Some of the mid-level ores (iron and platinum) were going for more than mithril ore last time I looked as well. I suspect it’s because level 80 characters are getting mithril from salvaging junk items and in their champion goody bags, whereas iron and platinum are mostly coming from mining. I would guess that mithril demand is higher than iron demand, but mithril supply is even higher.

    1. I agree. I am always swimming in mithril, silk, elder wood and thick leather from salvaging 70-80 items, and even if I use mine up I regain it pretty quickly. The mid-range stuff – the cotton and linen, platinum and gold – is always much more valuable on the trading post. I’m not surprised – while levelling a character you pass through the window in which you will salvage out cotton pretty quickly, it’s only about a ten level sweet spot. After that, because loot is adjusted to at least some extent to your level, even playing in mid-level areas doesn’t guarantee the cloth (ore and wood are at least harvestable in the right places).

  4. There are a lot of level 80 playing the game. So mithril come easy, including if players are destroying white gear for get the mats, at level 80 it is frequent get mithril. But no on have an use for mithril at level 80 now, everyotne is using exotic gear that use t6 mats. [maybe that change when we see the recipes for level 500 craft]

    If we compare, carrots not come so easy, they come mostly from harvesting nodes from low levels. And there are people using carrots for cooking. [that can be diferent at a game that have farms where players plant carrots and not go to wild place harvest it]

    It is simple supply versus demand law. Sorry if you do’nt made economics 101. If there is a high supply an low demand, like is happening with mitril, the prices will go down. Nothing wrong with that, so… it show GW2 economy is not broken, it only show you need learn how capitalism works, commies!

    Mithril price will be a lot cheaper at GW2 world than at our world because at our world mithril is rarer because it not exist.

    Some facts about metal prices at our world: in Ancietn Egypt, gold was cheaper than silver, because they had some rich gold mines at the desert [so, no surpirse a small and punny king like King Tut had the tomb full with gold]; before the invention of eletricity, aluminiun was more expensive than gold, that is the reason the Washington Monument have a top made with aluminiun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_monument).

    The price of metals and the price of all things will follow the law of supply and demand.

  5. “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

    But money can buy you carrots …

  6. Bookah gotta eat!

    This sort of thing is/was very common in EQ2. The top tier gatherables would be very cheap, often at the 1c level because the bulk of the active player population was at that level. But if you decide to level a crafting alt, you find that you’re better off going out to harvest… or use the guild harvest agent… because the price on the market will be set to “gouge.”

  7. I see the humor, but the issue is more one of trying to transfer real world perceptions into an arbitrary virtual world context.

    In the real world rosemary is cheap, readily available, and it’s major effect is to make a dish somewhat more flavorful and aromatic.

    In the virtual world of GW2 rosemary availability is relatively limited, and it can be used to make a dish allowing for +100 Vitality, +70 Power, +10 Experience from kills.

    The point being there is no validity in directly comparing magical virtual reality rosemary to the real world spice.

    Now if it had similar effects in rl as those in in the virtual world then it would likely be priced in grocery stores similar to a mixture of human growth hormone, depleted uranium, and Adderall…

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