[GW2] Thoughts Upon a First Visit to the Super Adventure Box

“Someone at ANet thinks that jumping puzzles were really a good idea. And this person still has a job.”

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “[GW2] Thoughts Upon a First Visit to the Super Adventure Box”

  1. They’re giving their hardcore base what they want…. I don’t understand it either. Like…. there are really good games for jumping puzzles… why do you want them shoehorned into an mmo engine that’s horrible at them?

    But hey. Folks are having fun and that’s what’s important. I still have lots of map and skills and traits and dyes and armor sets and personal stories instances to unlock while ANet caters to the others.

    1. I think all MMOs to some degree add unconventional elements that don’t fit the engine. LOTRO with horse races, perhaps (or to some the whole mounted combat). Others put lighter minigames in to it, but ArenaNet ha always pushed more. So instead of a horse race easily ignored in some festival they push it forward as a feature, much like Sanctum Sprint.

      There are racing games much more fun using racing game engines, but it’s also cool to have it in Your Favorite MMO. SAB is one of the most forward things, but a lot of people love it either for style or gameplay or both. I know there are better platformers (I love platformers), but it’s also cool to see such a work of art and love in My Favorite MMO.

  2. Just so other MMO companies don’t look at GW2 and go “Hey! Their game sold really well and it’s still making money – it must be all that JUMPING! Let’s do that!”

  3. As someone who likes jumping puzzles and is probably only slightly better than average at doing them, I’m sure glad they’re in the game and still coming out.

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