[GW2] Experience With the New Patch So Far

Guild chat does not work for some people. I am one of them. Sparkfly Fen, the center of the new content, is on perpetual overflow.

I cannot play the new content with my friends or even talk to them, but other than that and the bugs, it is going well so far. Reasonable expectations: in a few patches, the game will be back to where it was last week, and by the time I am on vacation, the new content will be playable.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “[GW2] Experience With the New Patch So Far”

  1. My guild chat was empty for a long while so I gather this was happening to me too. I saw in map chat in LA someone saying to go invisible then visible again.. and not long after that there was some guild chatter for me. Give that a try maybe?

    1. I had the guild chat bug, but I could read /guild just not comment in it, or /whisper or /party. Only for a day though, it appears to be all fixed now.

      If you can’t get to Tequatl because of the rush, do the other world bosses – the ones I’ve done so far have been much more exciting and challenging for the update, and very enjoyable.

    2. One of the patches restored my guild chat, although for obvious reasons I would have trouble telling if it worked for everyone or broke someone else.

  2. Only bug I found was talking with Scouts killed combat or other character audio. Zoning fixes it, but it’s off-putting to go from sound to silence.

    On the guild chat, I have no idea… my guild doesn’t speak. :P

  3. For Teq you need to get an invite to the active server unless you want to start hanging around to wait at least an hour ahead of time. On Fort Aspenwood, this can be done through their community Teamspeak. I’m sure that other world servers have something similar. Or through your guild if you belong to an active one.

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