[GW2] Wintersday End

It’s funny that I knew what Jeromai meant the second I saw his recent post title “A Very Merry Leisurely Wintersday”. It had already been mulling over the exact same thoughts. It’s the combination of Colin’s announcement that this recent Wintersday/Aftermath update was it until January 21, 2014 and the ease of the update that makes it feel leisurely. In one sense it feels like Guild Wars 2 is over for 2013.

However, I felt more like Jeromai in that I all of the sudden became a master of my time again. I wasn’t worried about WvW or getting up that dang tower one more time. The world was opened up before me. I am still mulling over whether this is a good or bad thing, and my gut check is that the roller coaster of Guild Wars 2 is better than not.

On my bucket list for the holidays is of course finishing the meta-achievements for A Very, Merry Wintersday and The Nightmare is Over. Then I also plan on playing a lot of sPvP because, surprise, now it’s worthwhile to do so. I get some silver for each match, and the sPvP currency, Glory, can be turned in to stuff like tradable Wintersday items. I really like sPvP, and who would’ve thought I just needed this very small reason to do so. I also want to try and go for Dolyak rank before they take sPvP ranks away, but I’m pretty far off. I am hoping that will change if sPvP becomes more of a go-to.

There’s also ascended armor, but I’ll be frank. I’ve halted ascended upgrades for one reason (a stupid one, really): I want Tequatl’s scepter. I don’t want to spend the time to make an ascended scepter to later on get the Tequatl one. I do plan on getting back in to the rhythm with TTS to farm the lizard more. Ascended armor though is a nice outlet except people are paying a premium for time-gated damask right now. Last night I sold a Bolt of Damask for 22 gold! I will gladly sell you a “day” for about 20 gold. Heck, I’d do it for 3-5 gold.

My final goal, and a time-sensitive one, is to get Mrs. Ravious the Leaf of Kudzu, the longbow precursor. She doesn’t read this blog so I can safely say this is going to be a Christmas gift for her. I’m still a ways off so any donations are appreciated (ingame: Ravious), but I don’t expect any handouts. I do expect to be buying gems for gold and otherwise draining my in-game bank for the gift. She’s been working slowly towards a legendary basically since she picked up the game earlier this year, and since it doesn’t look like precursor crafting is coming until well after whenever the groundhog decides I figure it’d be a nice token of our time together. She’d think of me whenever she moved across the battlefield.

Time for me to go clean up more dolyak droppings.


3 thoughts on “[GW2] Wintersday End”

  1. Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a nice, lazy Wintersday.

    I, too, want Teq’s pistol really bad. That low-chance RNG is really grating though, I really wish you had a non-RNG option to obtain it though ,hrrrrggg…..


  2. Still pretty much all WvW all the time for me in GW2. We have another great, competitive match this week. I do like the new update though. Some funny stuff in there.

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