Battlefield Control

The other great early game hero you get in Marvel Puzzle Quest is Storm. Storm has two abilities that do a bit of damage but are really great for letting you make better matches. Her green ability randomly destroys tiles across the map. Her red ability destroys all the environmental tiles across the map. You look at the map and see if you can do better than “match 3”; if not, click green or red. Popping either of those abilities will often get you some instant matches, plus green counts as clearing those tiles, so you (1) do damage, (2) recharge abilities, and (3) get another chance at matching 4 or 5 at a time. If you match 5, you get another turn; rinse, repeat.

This can make Storm a really annoying opponent when the computer gets her. You know how the computer can somehow match up things that are not even on the screen? As in, when the computer makes a match, more matches will just fall from off-screen. I do not really think that the computer gets more of these magical chains of matches, but it certainly feels like it. It feels more like it when it gets to mix in Storm’s detonating half the field, which recharges the ability to detonate half the field, which sets off another chain of matches, which…

But when you get to do that, it is fun to down one or two opponents before they even get a turn. It’s just a shame that Wolverine also uses red and green abilities, so Storm does not synergize well with him. And her third ability does not work well with Moonstone, who I was getting to like during their “ladies only” weekend PvP event over the holidays.

: Zubon

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  1. In the long run it is a real shame that she uses the big hitter colours of red & green, but she’s the best of the best for one star characters in my book.

    Even at higher levels though, she’s worth dusting off on swamp maps since swamp tile points translates into big AP in all colours.

    Hailstorm is definitely the weak link, but it does have some surprising uses e.g. countering Daken, Bullseye or even Doctor Doom – impossible to make a special tile special a 2nd time, and Hailstorm can occupy almost the whole board quite easily.

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