[GW2] Testing: Every Other Tuesday

I find every first Tuesday of the bi-week is like an expansion release. The energy in the air is huge. It’s exciting to see so many players running about, helping each other, and generally figuring things out.

Well, yes, somewhat, but my guild spends half of that Tuesday evening complaining on TeamSpeak about poor testing. Almost every release, the new content has at least one significant bug. Almost every release, at least one piece of new content is not working as intended or providing rewards when it is supposed to. Almost every release, something that worked before breaks. There were a few releases in a row that broke guild chat. Every other Tuesday, you expect at least 5 updates as the next bugs are fixed and you must reboot in the next 45 minutes … 40 minutes … 35 minutes … you zoned, rebooting.

Every first Wednesday or Thursday, my guildmates are a lot happier. The weekend warriors get low-bug content, and the old content is usually restored to working order. Every first Tuesday is a mix of excitement and vocal anger.

: Zubon

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