[GW2] Items to Be Explained

Where does Scarlet get all this stuff? I’m hoping that floating platform is a standard Asuran technology bit, otherwise she just invented orbital platforms. But mostly, the metal. Scarlet’s driving prices for crafting materials on the trading post, isn’t she?

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “[GW2] Items to Be Explained”

  1. She’s strip mining the Mists, from the FUTURE!

    Using the powers of Mary Sue foresight, she flips stuff on the TP to make a fortune with which to hire an army of Aetherblades and other cheap labor.

    Oh, and she bought out Anet as an afterthought.

  2. Wondered this too; I’d bet she got a lot of it from the Molten Alliance, which has a huge mining operation already running, and apparently they’re still operating because here they are. This feels like the kind of thing Angel McCoy could be convinced to answer, or at the least work into the storyline.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re trying to cut Scarlet’s supply lines in the Marionette fight.

  3. She is the ultimate recycler, and is in the process of recycling all her (Queen Jennah’s) clockwork creatures. Also, supposedly the clockwork creatures were busy strip-mining the landscape when left to their own devices after adventurers got tired of smashing them to pieces, and how long have they been doing that, months and months unhindered. In a way ‘we are all to blame’.

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