[GW2] Login Warning

Attack Cinematic
Upon logging in, players level 30 or higher will see a cinematic of the attack on Lion’s Arch. Lower level players will watch this upon entering Lion’s Arch for the first time. …
Note: All characters that were stationed in Lion’s Arch before the attack will be relocated to an adjoining map.

This is not true. If you were stationed in Lion’s Arch before the attack, the cinematic will play once you log in. Your character will stand in the exact spot where you logged off, and the monsters that now spawn in Lion’s Arch will kill you.

The sound effects you hear are not part of the cinematic. The screams of the injured and dying are coming from characters who also logged off in Lion’s Arch.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “[GW2] Login Warning”

  1. My level 80 engineer that had been in LA before the update got relocated. I have seen somebody else say that they were still in LA when they logged in. Not sure what triggers this, but yeah. Some get relocated and some don’t. ^^

  2. I was in the crowd of people waiting in Lion’s Arch for Scarlet to attack. I was there for over an hour but judging by the absence of people from everywhere else in the preceding few hours and from comments made at the Marionette, LA had been in multiple overflow pretty much all day as people got their screenshots and map completion and then just hung out speculating.

    When the message popped and I logged out along with everyone else I expected to reappear in Gendarran Fields but as you say I was right in LA. Scarlet’s armies were not able to take advantage of my watching the cinematic, however, as I’d been a little slow coming back and by the time I arrived a massive zerg led by well over a dozen Commanders had pretty much cleared the center of the city.

  3. If your character is in Lion’s Arch, just skip the cut scene. You can view it later by talking to a guy at the refugee camps outside of Lion’s Arch if you want. Thanks for the heads up though as I have one character that is logged there.

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