[GW2] Final Fight

As Scarlet’s story comes to a close, I would just like to note that her final fight is only harder than Andrew Ryan’s because you need to press “F” after walking up to her. Although maybe that was just how that instance worked when I went there.

: Zubon

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  1. Seems you skip the fight you need to do by entering the portal after defeat the three knights. If you enter the easy way you only get the story instance instead of the actual fight.

  2. Yeah, that’s just the final form with the story conclusion, the bulk of the fight is the Battle on the Breachmaker and it is radcakes. It’s a zergless 50-man fight; it shares mechanics with one of the Triple Trouble wurm heads, except you have to have all three buffs on you to deal damage at all so there’s no point where players all bunch up and start the burn phase. Players are constantly splitting and forming new groups. It also has a zerg splitting phase which is optional but skips an entire phase if you do it, so basically everyone does.

    The knights are less spectacular. They won’t make that mistake twice – but I’ll give them credit for experimenting, because if you’re making content players expect to go away you might as well try things you think might break the game. It’s not like the code’s not still around – successful experiments can easily be swiped by the WvW team or dungeon designers, much like WoW bosses swiped mechanics from favourite bosses from previous expansions (and Living World updates have stolen assets and mechanics from previous Living World updates).

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