Exciting Gaming Weekend Ahead

Steam has the Batman franchises (Arkham and Lego) 75% off, so I now have Arkham Origins. Is it worth springing for the Season Pass or any DLC? I have the Millennium skins from a Humble Bundle.

New Humble sale, so I have a few new indie games to try. I already have and enjoyed Defenders Quest.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 released its future world for the Android, so I have more things to try there. So far: fun! We shall see whether the new content addresses the issues I have been complaining about or pushes further towards monetization. PvZ1’s Zen Garden is back with an altered implementation. It still produces coins, and it now produces one-level plant buffs. The game immediately dumped about 80 plant sprouts on me to encourage me to buy the new gem currency that unlocks more plant slots. I support “here is a lot of free stuff you can use over time or right now if you pay us” as solid F2P design. (Or maybe that was a bug.)

And the new GW2 WvW event is going, so I must try that out. Although, as I type this, I don’t really know why: WvW content has not changed, and I guess we’ll see whether the match-up algorithm for this event is better or worse than Season One or the usual week-to-week system. [Update: nope, us vs. FA and SBI. GG, see you next week.]

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Exciting Gaming Weekend Ahead”

  1. GW2 Season 2 (Tourney) is awesome so far – albeit that’s two hours of nine weeks! Defended Hills for two hours solid vs wave after wave of BP and SoR (90% Gaisoch, the latter). Looks like a co-ordinated effort but too early to be sure. Finally kicked em all out then 30 seconds later map call Garrison – saved it but it was a feint and we lost Hills to same people we kept out for so long! Bloody brilliant!

    3 am and I had to stop, more’s the pity. Hard to explain why but Seasons matter in a way the rest of the WvW calendar doesn’t. I hope this round is better balanced than the last. I think it will be. Whether or no, I anticipate nine weeks of great fights and that is all that matters. Win, lose, irrelevant. I just wish there were no rewards. Should be 100% about the fights.

  2. “Win, lose, irrelevant. I just wish there were no rewards. Should be 100% about the fights.”

    Would never happen though. Ever. What is driving the fights – always rewards.

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