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None of us here seem to be leaping into Elder Scrolls Online, but the one thing I’m not seeing on my RSS of MMO bloggers? The usual Day One issues with logins, authentication, servers, unrecognized keys, queues, and whatever your online game of choice suffered through in its first weeks.

As far as MMO launches go, yesterday might have been the smoothest I’ve ever experienced. Everything worked, there was no queue, I didn’t have to jump through any hoops, and I was able to play the game as if it had been live for 6 months. Being able to patch-up the beta client was huge too. Hats off to Bethesda, they nailed day one.

We have seen many games from companies with more MMO experience fail that Day One readiness check, so let’s give proper accolades for doing it right. The server team: if they’re doing their job right, you barely notice they’re there.

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    1. I don’t think it make sense to have queues given their mega serve tech…

      or it could be no one is interested. I cancelled my pre order after the last beta weekend :)

      1. Sorry to pop that bubble, but there is no current server technology that will impede queues when too many people try to log at same time…

        I they had no queues, something not happened and it was not because they have a “super-server”.

        1. Most companies know how many people they will get at launch and how many they will loose after 3 months. So if they get too many servers for launch it will look bad on them if they close down servers after 3 months. This is why you have queues in those games since they get servers to handle the population after 3 months and not for launch.

          This is not an issue for ESO since you don’t know how many servers they have and there is no stigma if they got rid of some serves after launch. They can afford to buy/hire more serves than needed for launch and then get rid of them after the population dwindle.

  1. So having participated in so many headstarts at this point… this is probably the smoothest I have seen to date. I remember TSW and Rift were each plagued with their own issues that come to mind. I streamed for roughly nine hours, and played for a total of 12-14… not sure exactly how much longer I played after I stopped streaming. In all that time I encountered a single tragically bugged quest, that was apparently working on other instances. A lot of things that were broken in the last beta build were fixed and working smoothly.

    All in all a really good job. The mega server tech seems to handle the whole thing seamlessly. The only sign of the strain on the servers was that it took a long time for the guild bank to load sometimes. As of this morning our guild had 65 members in it, and folks are super active. There are 6 people online and playing at 6 am. Good launch, really good launch. Will have to see how it handles Tuesday for the non-imperial edition players/non-zenimax pre-orders and Friday for the folks who didn’t pre-order.

  2. Played beta, didn’t like game much, but I got to say – they really polished the final countdown cogs. And disarmed me at the same time – there will be no “it’s a first day of an MMO – what do You expect?!” anymore from me.
    Bravo :D

  3. Here was my experience

    Impressively smooth launch. So many people running around that there was rather a lot of competition for mobs, clickable mission crates, and resource nodes. I bogged down a bit in the cities after a few hours, but was able to exit and re-launch the game (with no queue in the early evening prime time) and that cleared it right up.

  4. Yes I have had no issues except for a lack of available gaming time on my part. Logged in to the server on release and there were a large amount of other players all going about their business. Heck I might even renew an extra month after the included 30 days has lapsed.

  5. I’m playing on the “european” server, or rather would be, if the connection was any good. As it is now, I see no reason trying to play until they move the server to europe.

  6. Huh. I’m not playing ESO, but damn, credit where credit’s due, you NEVER hear this after a launch. Good stuff.

  7. It’s strange really. I think this game has some hardcore fan boys that won’t badmouth the game no matter how bad it is. Even the reddit crowd is subdued. In 5 days of early access the servers were down for 20 some hours for emergency maintenance. The third zone (level 20-30) for AD crashes every 10-20 minutes wiping out all your progress and rolling you back. Their solution is to log out every 10 minutes or so to save your progress. These pale in comparison to the biggest issue. People were crashing and logging back into others accounts. They shut down all guild functions for 24 hours and mail was down for 2 days. Smooth isn’t the word I’d use, not even close.

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