[GW2] Login Warning

Read the patch notes and completely re-do every character you have before you do anything. Everything changed, and the mail alerting you that something has been reset can be spotty. I had to play several PvP matches and repeatedly enter the Heart of the Mists before I got any notice that my PvP stats were reset. You may or may not get notice that your WvW ranks were reset. You may or may not get notice that your runes have changed. You may or may not…

Basically, everything you know about your characters and the content may or may not have changed, so go read 10,000 words, and good luck sorting it out. If you’re like me and have characters of all 8 classes, you have a lot of studying and respecing to do.

: Zubon

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  1. Read the notes on the World Bosses. It’s comedy central. In Wayfarer’s, when the Grawl attack, Brogun wanders over to the dragon totem, destroys it, declares victory and wanders back. He does that every ten minutes. Once every two hours, when he gets there the Shaman spawn and the Meta event plays out.

    It’s like the kludgiest of temporary workarounds and the first few times everyone thought it was bugged but apparently no, that’s the new permanent version working as intended. From the patch notes it seems Gamarian in Caledon Forest does the same.


    1. Is that really a problem? That sometimes an NPC does something and it doesn’t immediately mean players do an event? That sometimes the big bad actually gets beaten before he gets to full power, or that a cautious scout through the swamp doesn’t always mean bad news abound?

      Having it happen every 10 minutes seems like it could be annoying, but I’m annoyed by the repeat rate of most of the events in the game.

  2. Seems pretty clear the way I’ve been playing the game is not as intended.

    The guild prices for triggering world boss events off schedule look a bit high, so I doubt well see anymore PVE pug commanders running world boss trains nightly.

  3. Ok, that will be fun to watch. Give me some popcorn ;).
    I would ask my friends for a first hand impressions, but as a matter of fact – non of them play anymore. Damn ESO…
    Some of the changes from the patch note look really interesting and I’m curious how it will work in game. But I’m more interested in my Torchlight II endgame armor set and another Cave walk-through to bother.
    So give me sweet & juicy impressions from every highlight and screw up U find :D

  4. Reading this makes me just want to un-install the game before I’m even tempted to login for the Feature Pack. :) What a colossal pain.

  5. How bad is it in other MMOs when they make structural changes like this?

    1. Well – I remember few “redisigns” like this and it was almost always met with lot of whining. Usually whining was well deserved – I don’t know how much whining and how well deserved it is in this case. When Anet was redesigning few class in GW1 it was most welcome in my small community, so yeah. It can be done right and it can be done badly (if anyone can recall redoing hunter in WoW and the outcry) – no matter if it’s going right direction.
      But usually taking such bold choice is like swinging double edged sword – the changes gonna drove away people who liked game as it was, and probably won’t pull back guys like me – who put cross on whatever Anet is planning next.
      You can’t eat apple and have apple, and sell apple at the same time. Well – I’ve tried it with iPod and I had stomach ache for a week…

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