A Month in Ingress, by the Numbers

I have been playing for one month. Like with any new game, I binged at the start, but after witnessing the people who take Ingress really seriously, I had a powerful epiphany about what I did not want for my life. On the other hand, it is an amusing way to gamify going for a walk, and I am walking more.

After one month, my numbers are:

  • Level 8 with 1,243,694 AP
  • Hacked (visited) portals 1,992 times, covering 251 different portals
  • Captured 382 portals (126 unique), established 407 links and 215 fields worth 10,673 MU
  • Recharged 1,327,159 XM on resonators
  • Brought destruction to 1,040 resonators, 166 portals, 104 links, and 42 fields
  • Was followed by the enemy team 6 times
  • Was followed by groups of enemy players 4 times
  • Was followed by enemy players in cars 4 times
  • Was stopped by the police once
  • Walked 186 kilometers, the only number on here to have any impact on the physical world, but it is also the number I am least confident of. When the GPS is having trouble connecting, Ingress might show me jumping around a block or two at a time while I am standing still; when the app hiccoughs, it might not notice that I have been moving for several minutes and then catch up all at once. And who knows whether and what it is counting when I am in a moving vehicle.

: Zubon