Spam Update

The flood continues. I was gratified to see spam comment from a gold-selling site, which is at least on-topic. If you post a comment that does not appear for a while, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, because we may be getting trigger-happy on the “yes, that’s spam” button.

This week, one of the spammers must have noticed that none of the comments were making it through, so they tried to brute force through the login link until I was locked out. And if the default for suspected spam were not “wait for approval,” that might have even let some spam links get through.

It annoys me at times that links from posts on this site to other posts on this site require approval as possible trackback spam, but given the ratio of real comments to spam seeking moderation, I am becoming tempted just to have all comments require moderation before appearing.

: Zubon

I cleared out the “potential spam” folder before writing this post, and more arrived before I was done with the first paragraph.

3 thoughts on “Spam Update”

  1. It’s interesting to me how this goes. Obviously I get a lot less traffic than you but when I removed most restrictions from comments a good while back I did immediately begin to get spam comments, something I previously never saw at all. Blogger has built-in spam filtering, which seems quite effective, and I have comments on any post over two-weeks old set to go to moderation.

    The spam I got was almost always on posts older than that two-week limit so I caught, flagged and deleted almost all of them. That didn’t stop them coming – indeed they increased to the point where it was mildly annoying. That went on for a few months and then, for no reason I could see, they stopped virtually overnight.

    Since then I get the odd one now and again but they are unusual enough that I’m always surprised to see one. Who sends them or what causes them to fluctuate is a complete mystery. I’m just happy they’ve tailed right off.

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