Discrete Units

Ever have one of those days where you will not commit to watching a full movie, but you end up watching five television episodes? My gaming has been like that lately. If it takes longer than a half-hour, I’m probably not motivated to commit to that, even if I might still sit down and play things for a couple of hours.

Casual games have been helpful for that. You have a break point every few minutes if you want to decide you are done, even if you keep playing “one more round” for an hour. Pixelo? Great. Match-3 games? Stellar. It battles against my intentionality in that I did not sit down with the need to play 20 rounds of match-3, but once I’m in, I’m rolling and having a good time.

Which is the goal.

: Zubon

One thought on “Discrete Units”

  1. I am pretty solidly addicted to WoW. I run old raids for pets, and do pet battle dailys when I’m in the kind of mood you describe. I can stop any time to e.g. help with the baby trying to climb in the oven while my wife is pulling dinner out. I do that stuff for hours sometimes.

    I still raid with the guild on raid nights. Playing WoW as a single player game is both perplexing and relaxing at times.

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