Humble Eador

Our dear friend SynCaine has been enthusiastic about Eador: Masters of the Broken World. It is included in this week’s Humble Bundle, so if you are interested, you can get it on the cheap (along with several other games).

And, like SynCaine, I will happily take spare Steam trading cards. :)

: Zubon

Update: having tried it, I cannot really recommend the game.

3 thoughts on “Humble Eador”

  1. Really, begging for cards? Pathetic…

    (Don’t give your cards to Zubon! He eats them. I give them a good home!)

  2. Outstanding humble bundle! Been wanting to play Sang Froid and Unity of Command for awhile now. Have Eador – beautiful looking game but just can’t get into it.

    And don’t know what you guys know, because still not seeing a purpose behind badges – which hasn’t kept me from hoarding them…

    1. There is as much purpose to badges as there is to fluff in an MMO; basically none but hey gotta-catch-em-all!

      Selling cards is pretty silly since they go for like .05-.10. Crafting the badges levels up your Steam account, which gives you profile fluff options like achievement showcase and stuff like that. You also get junk like chat emoticons and profile backgrounds.

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