[TT] Zombie Games

Critical mass of zombie games has long since been reached. We are now at the point where the pit of E.T. Atari games was dug up to create a hole big enough to hold all the excess zombie games being made.

I had not realized how bad the problem was until I went to Origins and walked through the vendor hall. There were at least 100 advertisements for zombie games in the first row I walked down, including zombie tabletop games, zombie dice games, zombie RPGs, zombie survival, surviving as a zombie, zombie superheroes, zombies vs. pretty much everything, everything except a zombie cookbook, which Google tells me also exists.

Someone could surprise me with a zombie game that brings something new to the table, but it would surprise me.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “[TT] Zombie Games”

  1. I’ve been meaning to blog about a zombie exercise game, but haven’t gotten around to it… it’s existed for a while though, so folks have probably heard of it already.

  2. A stealth-action game in which you are a zombie, trying to recover your soul. You can run and fight if you choose, but you’re likely to have body parts fall off/out. Those can be replaced by mutilating corpses and crafting replacements, but your humanity suffers as a result.

    A game in which you are a zombie hand, stalking the person who murdered you. There was a Vincent Price movie about this, but I’ve no idea what it was called.

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