Out of the Rabbit Hole and into Summer

Mrs. Ravious and I just go back from our 10th Anniversary trip, which was basically our first childless trip since our honeymoon. It was long overdue, and we drank much fortified grape juice in southern France. I am back now for the remainder of the summer.


Windborne is currently the game of the house. The kids play on it almost every single day. I hop on every once in awhile too. I’ve needed lighter faire, but I still muddle around on my Desert island once in awhile. An update is slated to come in the next few weeks, I hope, and I’m sure the game will rise back to the top for me too.

Guild Wars 2

Speaking of updates soon to come, Guild Wars 2! July 1st is going to be the next update, which starts off Season 2 of the Living World. The big change to come is the Story Journal, where players are able to return to story content to their hearts’ delight. To unlock it, players just have to sign on during the episode’s period. Otherwise a small gem fee is paid to unlock it. Seems pretty good to me.

I am really interested to see how ArenaNet balances the now more persistent, repeatable content with the open world content that will still change.

One Finger Death Punch

This game was the only one I’ve picked up on the Steam Summer sale so far. I’ve just been content inundated otherwise despite having a decent Wishlist. I love this game. It’s basically a rhythm game with some serious twists. It’s so frenetic and exacting. I just feel this is a fantastic intense coffee-break style game.

War of Omens

I’ve also fallen for this online CCG. It’s like a cross between Dominion and Blizzard’s Hearthstone game. In the beginning it’s very PvE-friendly, and unlike Hearthstone, War of Omens pretty much lets you just play against the computer if that’s all you want to do. It is a bit grindy at later stages, but the game itself is quite fun, and the developer updates it every other week or so.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update. Zubon’s been doing a fine job as usual, and I figured I’d just put up a small flag waving “I’m Not Dead Yet!”  Cheers.


One thought on “Out of the Rabbit Hole and into Summer”

  1. “I am really interested to see how ArenaNet balances the now more persistent, repeatable content with the open world content that will still change.”

    Me too. I’m struggling to see how this is gong to work long-term. Assuming the intent is to keep all this DLC (that’s what it is, after all) available indefinitely then in a year or two we’re going to have a minimum of three time-periods in play concurrently – Personal Story , Past Living Story and Current Living Story.

    Some areas could be in all three. Lion’s Arch comes immediately to mind, especially if they ever, as they have said they would like to do, retrofit LS1. It will also, presumably, affect decision-making on what areas get new LS content – the ones that have already got DLC attached would presumably be less likely to get further, contradictory versions added.

    Of course all this can be done by simple suspension of disbelief, something I personally have no problem summoning up to order, but at the very least it’s going to be complicated.

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