When You Buy Counterfeit Fashion, You Are Paying to Spam Our Site

After the spam deluge, Ethic applied a stronger spam filter that automatically sent more things to “spam” rather than “pending.” The effect is similar except that the site no longer e-mails me 50 times per day to ask if the comment by “Buy Cheap Louis Vitton” is legit. A blogger buddy asked me to check the spam filter, and yep, there were some false positives, so we fished some folks out.

Of the 500 spam comments I reviewed, 3 were internal links from our site, 4 were legitimate comments, 1 was from a gold-selling site, and all the rest were fashion sites trying to get more links for search engine optimization. These are the people who make your favorite websites’ operators work harder. Remember never to buy from some fly by night site selling knock-off sunglasses, shoes, or whatnot, or you’re just as bad as people who buy gold and fund the guys who hack players’ accounts.

This public service message has been brought to you by the numbers 5 and 0 and the letter S.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “When You Buy Counterfeit Fashion, You Are Paying to Spam Our Site”

    1. They’re from 50/500 spam. It’s not clever. I just started with a PSA-style tagline, drifted to Sesame Street, and then this sort of thing happens when you post just before bed.

  1. Damn straight. I haven’t got neat numbers like you but virtually every comment-auto-post-bot attempt on the site I work on is for knockoff watches, handbags, sunglasses, etc. It’s eased off a lot now that vast swathes of Chinese IP ranges are perma-blocked, though.

  2. the sites also hack websites now using word press vulnerabilities to annoy webmasters even more. Whats extra is that some go so far to rip other people content and post it on millions of spam pages everywhere and just insert buy ugg boots somewhere on it and end up hurting the legit sites search engine rankings

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