A RIFT in my Brain

I’ve been enjoying RIFT a lot, and at the same time I’m wondering how long I will stick around. Coming back after so long, there is so much in RIFT. It could easily become my only MMO, and I would have content to chase for a long time. (I had to tell myself to walk away from fishing, for instance.) On the other hand, much like Ethic, things aren’t wholly clicking with me. I keep thinking “well, this is fun… but”. But.

Character Complexity

The worst jarring in my brain is the extremely complex class system in RIFT. I thought I had a handle on it so long ago. I remember even kind of templating my own build. Now, I look at it and think, ain’t nobody got time for this! It’s glorious and horrible at the same time.

I re-rolled a mage because I love chloromancer… it is everything I want in a class. Oh, how I wish necromancers in another game would take note. Chloromancer, however, is the support option for a mage. I still need something offensive to get me from quest hub to quest hub. I remember really liking the Stormcaller too, which is, according to the forums, an okay choice. Definitely not optimal.

I read up on a few builds to get an idea of where I wanted to go, and I ran across another brain jarring… skill rotations. I find MMO’s with skill rotations to have too many skills. I find myself watching the little square buttons more than anything else. I wouldn’t call either of these quit walls because they are prevalent from the beginning.  However, these are my biggest problems coming back to RIFT. I might wish for a tad more complexity in classes when I play Guild Wars 2, but I know there is too much in RIFT.

In fairness I will say that RIFT does its best by having templates to follow that will even place skills on the hot bar if you want. It doesn’t really lead one to learning, but at least it allows for some style of play.

Instant Adventure

I had my first taste of the Instant Adventure system, and I think I am in love. It isn’t exactly what I want, but for a nice hit of some instant player-mob action, I really dig it. It’s basically where players join an instance of a zone that has event objectives. When they are in the instance they are automatically grouped up in a raid party. The objectives and other players are on the map, and it feels nice.

Guild Wars 2 megaserver is nice, and most people on the Dry Top map understand what to do to play together. However, Instant Adventure I feel is a better balance of objective-style mob play. There’s a little story of adventuring as I, with a bunch of strangers, traverse a private instance objectified just for us. The megaserver just brings active players together without focus. I think I like the option to have a bit more focus.

Sadly, I was level 7 at the time I was introduced to the system, and I had my face smashed by a wisp pretty handedly. However, once I hit the early teens I plan on really exploring the system.

Pressing On

I have a couple more things yet to explore, but I definitely plan on playing on for some time. I might even throw a couple bucks at Trion. I feel like RIFT, like Guild Wars 2, tries to get people playing together beyond random dungeon groupings. I like that. I love the open world player-mob playstyle. I still love seeing rifts open up in the sky. I haven’t played another MMO like RIFT.

The bottom line is that I am enjoying the reload. We’ll see how long this path goes.


5 thoughts on “A RIFT in my Brain”

  1. I am still a huge fan of Rift even though I don’t play it much anymore.

    If you have the Storm Legion souls, Harbinger/Chloromancer is an unstoppable force for questing/soloing as a Mage, imo, if you don’t mind fighting hand-to-hand. I used it to get from 50 to 60 after Storm Legion came out and it was awesome. Still use it a lot when I log in to wander around.You’re basically immune to death, and it’s not terribly complicated.

      1. There are no xpac purchases except for the non-mandatory booster packs. The content is “free”. You just want the soul packs, which are unfortunately very expensive as a consequence of the content being free.

  2. A neat feature of the IA system is that it can interact with the event system, an adventure might be to close a rift or complete a zone event (at which point a lot of players might bail). It works best when there is plenty of players coming and going to keep the momentum up, but with so few in levelling zones these days it can run out of steam quickly.

  3. I was a big fan of Chloromancer as well. Doing damage to heal my teammates? What is this sorcery? Chloromancy? Oh, right.

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