Differing Perspectives

Blizzard has announced Overwatch, a sci fi FPS. I’m not sure how you do Overwatch:TF2 :: WoW:EQ, given that TF2 is already a cartoony FPS minus the parts you hate, but let’s not dwell on that.

Our friend Keen says it will almost assuredly be something he’ll enjoy, but he’s a bit grumpy about it.

Our friend SynCaine is just grumbling about interns and “where’s the real Blizzard?”

And that’s not unfair. Is the current Blizzard “the real” Blizzard? I played Torchlight instead of Diablo III largely under the premise that the key people behind Diablo II made Torchlight as the spiritual successor, and Diablo III went in a bit different direction in terms of many game design decisions. Hasn’t WoW had something like 100% turnover? How much developer continuity do we have from WC3 to SC2 to WC4?

There is something to be said for perpetuating corporate culture so that the company can be consistent even if the staffing differs. I just don’t know.

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4 thoughts on “Differing Perspectives”

  1. I kind of like that the WoW team evolves. Ghostcrawler leaving was kind of a bummer emotionally, but I have no way to know how that might have changed the game team. But @Celestalon seems to know theorycrafting better than GC, even if it could be argued that GC’s actual science training means he knows how to number better.

    Change is inevitable. Accept it or move past it. Those are really the only rational choices.

  2. Looks like MOBA meets FPS. Trust Blizzard to follow closely what the mainstream is comfortable with, then put their own unique spin and polish on it.

  3. I’m a big believer in the maxim that making good games largely involves putting them in front of players. The Blizzard of the 90s and arguably the 00s was largely in a creative rut, but they did at least spend a lot of time with their game in front of players, learning what worked and what didn’t. A more experimental Blizzard will probably end up making better games, I feel.

  4. I just hope it doesn’t do to FPSes what it may or may not have done to MMOs with WoW. Investors not realizing that Blizzard fans will play pretty much any game they put out and just thinking, well shit that Overwatch FPS is raking in millions, we should do what they’re doing! Especially since my roots are in FPS games, I’ve already had one love of a genre get manhandled by those thoughts, please don’t do it to my baby.

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