Family Sickness Fun Time

Well, it sucks I’ve been out of touch. We’re on round two of sickness in our family. Now everybody is on antibiotics. Hopefully that’ll do it. I still game. Have to be bedridden not to, practically.

Shadow of Mordor

I sold my friend on the game this weekend with the help of another one. He was interested to begin with, but it became apparent how great the game was when neither me nor my another friend seemed to agree on the best way to play. He liked doing the whole ninja thing, which I found cowardly, and I liked using the zipline shadow strike where you basically use an orc’s head to hookshot wherever you need to go. My friend said it was a waste of two arrows.

I am nearing the end of the game. My bars of progress are getting fuller, but it has never felt grindy like Assassin’s Creed often does. Less is more Ubisoft. I don’t need 20 gorram sparklies per map unless they mean something. 

Guild Wars 2

Probably one of the best content updates has come to Guild Wars 2. Echoes of the Past. Everything feels very tight and polished. There’s a new zone that is very well done. It’s basically a war against the plant-dragon’s minions, with bases and bosses, oh my!

I really like that the latest zones have meaning. Dry Top is this event farming paradise, and the Silverwastes are raid-like, WvW-like, I-don’t-know-just-go-play-it. I hope that ArenaNet keeps this up. Each new zone has purpose to the “end game”, and I like that.

However, the Story! If you played Guild Wars 1, the story is going to blow your mind. It was so good. Talked with the last dwarf. Found the best crystal of sand, ever…. shhhhh. Don’t spoil it. Okay, spoil it in the comments. Even the achievements are good, post playthrough.

I also like the granularity of rewards. There’s a new armor set, and if you want the glowy version you have to work a bit harder. It’s definitely not ascended armor level hardness, but you will be playing through the content quite a bit.


Jeromai, cursed be he, has gotten me in to Agrarian Skies. It’s a modpack, using the Feed the Beast launcher, where you start with some dirt, a tree, and some bone meal. Then you create everything from there. The core mod is Ex Nihilo, which I’ve been told means “from nothing”.

The best part about it is the quest book. The other core mode, I’d say, is HQM (Hardcore Questing Mode), which adds lives and quests to the game. Now normally I’d say quests are chores in sandbox games like Minecraft, except when they are used like the FTB people are using them! As in-game tutorials for how to use all the ridiculously cool and ridiculously plentiful mods for Minecraft there be.

I do agree with Jeromai that Agrarian Skies does have a bit of logic leaps with some of the quests. However, it’s been good all told.

Chuubo’s Halloween Special

Finally, I’ve been prepping a Chuubo’s RPG game for my group, or my family, or to solo… I haven’t decided yet. Dr. Moran just came out with a campaign for Chuubo’s centered around the Halloween world descending on a small university town. This is the first publicly available campaign, and it’s a good one.

The four playable characters are: a drunk Headmaster who probably is the usurped Halloween King, a girl who has decided the world is a prison that must be destroyed and also has anime heart magic (pull out people’s hearts and remold them, etc.). A bishonen who doesn’t want to be the coolest person ever.  And, my favorite, the changeling exchange student who probably came from the Halloween world and talks to her stolen half through a mirror.


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  1. Bwahahaha!

    Though I really need to get back to Minecraft myself, been too sucked into GW2’s latest update to focus on anything else.

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