Codename: Morningstar

I saw Codename: Morningstar at Gen Con. That was a beta/demo for the digital tools for D&D 5th Edition. It was pretty okay. The developers were in the unenviable position of supporting a set of rules that had not been finished yet. Several things were noted as “we just got the rules for that this week, so we’ll add that soon.” My main worry was their business model, which did not exist at that point (also under negotiations).

Since then, you may have heard, it was officially announced as Dungeonscape and then cancelled. Perhaps something went wrong in all those negotiations.

They are Kickstarting retooling the software for Pathfinder. I thought some of you might be interested, even if seems unlikely to be funded given its current backing level. Also, there’s a “business of games” story behind those links, for folks interested in that.

: Zubon