Can I just say that it is weird that we have needed to develop a term for the business model of “buy the game, and then you can play it”?

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “B2P”

  1. Or even that we have to add in “to play.” Wouldn’t “Free” be the same as “Free to Play?”

    I have to buy this game, that one is free, the other one over there I have to buy but then pay a subscription to play.

  2. Wilhelm – Free just means you can get it. You might not be able to *play* it. What if it was a free game but required a subscription to actually play? That is why the 2P is so important!

    Wait.. shouldn’t that be TP? BTP and FTP? Gah, so confusing.

    Our jargon is bad all around. Don’t even get me started on AAA, MMO, all sorts of other broken lettering systems we use.

  3. Best part of current “B2P” offerings is they aren’t just that; you can’t just buy the game and get access to everything. It’s almost a worst lie than F2P.

    1. Ah the lies (even though the best B2P offerings also have currency exchange).

      Reminds me of how low cost companies were lying due to their “hidden charges” and “taxes”. But they still were quite cheaper than regular companies, “lies” or no “lies”.

      But thank goodness for the virtuoso P2P offerings, charging a sub every month for the privilege of playing a game that is in no way superior to the best B2P offerings. Monocules and sparkle ponies aside.

  4. Just show how awkward and geeky the MMO universe is, even when compared to the rest of the videogame industry.

    Buy the box and play the game is the standard of the videogame industry.
    DLC’s are normal as well.
    The only thing aside is account upgrades and services which are also seen in MOBAs and CCGs/TCGs.

    I guess it could be simple: sub, no sub, free client. I guess there are those games with free client but require a sub.

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