[GW2] Legendary Hearts Echo

Full credit to Bhagpuss for the title and idea behind this post. Legendary hearts is such a good way of putting the idea behind last week’s Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns announcement. It’s so good that I have to echo it.

Briefly, getting the precursor weapon for a legendary weapon is going to require use of the mastery (expansion) and collections (currently live) systems to gain a recipe to craft the precursor. It’s also a multi-step process, as in there will be three-tiers of precursor to gain. Here is a third-tier Moot precursor that hasn’t been attuned to YMCA yet:


Bhagpuss gets warm, fuzzy feelings over the design, which is notable and recorded here for posterity. I’ve already felt like Mawdrey was the “beta test” for this process, and it seems like I was not wholly wrong. The biggest change seems to be use of the collections system for each tier since Mawdrey did not use the achievements systems. I feel that lets people see the recipe and rely on what’s in game rather than heading to the Dulfy guides.

I would guess, in a sense, the Heart of Thorns legendary weapons are also going to sprout from Mawdrey and the Silverwastes armor. The latter required that players had to beat story instance achievements to get an ascended trinket to complete the collection. If the new legendaries don’t require a mastery of the Heart of Thorns story instances, I would be very surprised.

The other thing, which is a bit more confusing is the new Map Bonuses system. The ArenaNet developer Linsey Murdock (who I’ve been a long time fan of) wrote that the bouncy chest system from Dry Top and Silverwastes where completing an event gave map-specific currency was a test for the Map Bonuses system. She also talks about a “rotation”. On one hand it kind of sounds similar to a PvP reward track, but that system is never stated or correlated. If it is just a bouncy chest with one of the “in-rotation” items, is it just more RNG where you glumly stare at all the Ancient Bones you have while dreaming of Charged Cores?

I like that it is directed farming, nonetheless. One of my favorite farms ever was the karka farm, which sometimes arises still. Everybody there was there for a purpose: to kill karka. It was a great little community. Cursed Shore also has that spirit in event and champion farming. It seems like ArenaNet might be trying to take that direction and expand it out to many of the less-played maps. I do hope that ArenaNet keeps massaging all the event scaling where level 80 ascendeds rush in and cream the event before everybody wanting to participate can get credit. I don’t even usually go for the daily [map] events because of that fight to get credit. That is the one danger I see in the system, which for the most part I am excited about.

It sucks not having had an update in some time. I still have plenty to do with farming Dry Top, building up gold, working on a true alt, doing a few more Season 2 story achievements, and so on. It’s weird how my attention shifts to these long-term projects when there is no imminent content drop on the horizon. Still, I appreciate the time ArenaNet has been given to create these game-changing systems, which might not have had seen the light of day if we were still on a 2-week content cycle. It feels like they’ve been getting time to do what they’ve wanted to do.



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  1. Also Legendary Hearts is the name of one of Lou Reed’s string of largely-forgotten albums from the 80s, which I bought on release and from which I can barely remember a single track! Still, any reference to the great man that I can shoehorn in…

    The mention of the rotation immediately made me think of the sPvP “tracks”. I hope they are going to use something like that because I like the format. I found the bit on currency and Dry Top/Silverwastes confusing though. I couldn’t really follow what they were getting at. I think they have far too many currencies already, as do all MMOs. Why they can’t just go for one tradeable and non not-tradeable currency and use factions to control what you can spend where beats me.

    Overall I’m still at best lukewarm on Heart of Thorns but this system looks to answer a different, more important question than “will I enjoy HoT?”, namely “what is GW2 going to be like for those of us who don’t buy HoT?”. Since I have three accounts and I don’t expect to buy it for more than one of them, that’s a very relevant question for me and it looks as though the Legendary changes will help provide an acceptable answer.

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