The Liebster Award

From Tilion, at Dragon Season, I’ve received the Liebster Award, which is a thing. In response I nominate Bhagpuss and Syncaine, who may or may not have already killed a Liebster.

11 Random Facts

1. I love to cook.
2. My first MMO was A Tale in the Desert, where I met my co-blogger, Zubon.
3. I play Guild Wars 2 quite often with my wife and elementary age children.
4. I actually bought our second gaming rig for the kids, but Mrs. Ravious took it over. I think a gaming laptop is next in line.
5. I’ll play almost anything in video game form, but MMOs are my favorite form of that medium because of the persistence and community.
6. I love to read (way more than I love to watch or listen).
7. I love learning new “analogue” games because of their systems. The last one I learned was Kigi, which is truly excellent.
8. My favorite wines are from Provence and Southern Rhone (France), but I do quite enjoy Barossa Valley reds from Australia. 19 Crimes is the current weeknight wine at the household.
9. Fall is my favorite season because it is just a bit chilly, and it is filled with my favorite color (red).
10. I like techno (EDM) the most out of the musical genres, but I will really listen to anything.
11. Someday I hope to do a triathlon. I recently got plantar faciitis, which took that tire out for a few months.

Questions from Tilion

What is your most favorite genre in gaming? What makes you be so attached to it?

MMO’s for sure because of the persistence and community. I like feeling like I have a character, that is mine. I like that there is a maintained relationship between customers and developers. I like that there is a story of the game throughout it’s life (expansions, server merges, etc.).

Would you like to work in the gaming industry? If yes, why and what would be your plans for when you actually have your dream position?

I would love to, but I am [un]fortunately golden-handcuffed to my current job. I think I am very good at creating systems, so I would love to be a game designer that builds systems, such as reward systems or content systems.

What makes you blog or interact with gaming communities?

I think just the daily interactions. The MMO community is my “tribe”. Blogging and other interactions (Twitter, in-game, etc.) are the best way to communicate with my tribe.

What would attract your attention in someone and keep a conversation with them going?

I think, broadly speaking, having insight. I like people that have views of their own, and I like people that are able to adjust those views based on others’ insights and ideas. I like learning and discussing anything really, but I especially love discussing and learning about science.

Do you read the comments?

Yes, and that’s what I hate most about the current state of blogging. Comments are important. Sure, the writer of the post is most important in one becoming engaged with the blog, etc., but I feel very few readers engage enough, regardless.

What would be the next place you would like to visit around the world?

Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand or Vietnam. I just love the culture, the food, and the people there. I want to experience part some of the cultures from that part of the world, which I feel are most alien to the American culture.

What’s your favorite sweet? Do you make it by yourself? In either case provide pics!

My favorite sweet is Mountain Dew. I am normally not a fan of desserts or sweet snacks. I’d rather have potato chips, pretzels, cheeses, etc. as a “bad” snack. I am proud to say though that in the past three months I have had only 3-4 sodas. This is going from about 2 sodas / day.

Which is your favorite movie and why?

I think Snatch because it is quirky, about serendipity (or the opposite thereof), and very well-written.  I would say a close second is Insomnia because it is a great movie about human nature and very real, but slight forces (sleep, loneliness) that cause huge impacts.  Plus, it is the movie that makes me miss my old home, Alaska, the most.

In case of rain, what would you adopt cats or dogs?

If multiple, from the rain I suppose, it would be cats because they require less attention. I would consider though my family to be a “dog” family, but one or two is quite enough.

If you could change something in you, what would that be?

My friends call me an “amoral reptile” sometimes. You can deduce whatever from that, but I would want to become better in understanding and supporting people who are irrationally and emotionally affected or charged.

Outside of gaming and blogging what’s your favorite pastime activity?

BBQing! I built an ugly drum smoker myself, and I love to smoke meats, especially pork butt and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.

To Bhagpuss and Syncaine:

1. What are the benefits and detriments to playing with your significant other?

2. When you write a blog post do you care if developers read your feedback?

3. What is your favorite “analogue” game (board game, CCG, TTRPG)?

4. Who would play you in your Hollywood biography?

5. Which upcoming MMO are you most interested in loving or hating?

6. You are reincarnated in the universe of Heinlen’s Number of the Beast, where every fictional universe from our perspective is real. Where are you reincarnated?

7. What will be your perfect “last meal”?

8. Do MMO gifts between you and your significant other (gold, skins, etc.) mean as much as the conventional gifts?

9. You are granted a wish to live anywhere with an internet connection that pings 50 ms to anywhere. Where do you live?

10. What is your favorite means of transportation?

11. Do you have a guilty pleasure?