A Decade of Guild Wars

Guild Wars is 10 years old!

It amazingly still has a small, active population. I’ve heard that because of the server architecture the cost to maintain Guild Wars is minimal, and the population that has made their home in the game should have no fear of foreseeable shutdown. Guild Wars 1 is going to be around for a while, especially since I still see people going back and buying the game for a mostly single-player experience.

I know I played in early beta events, but my first strong memory was the Collector’s Edition snafu. It appeared that there were manufacturing or shipping problems with the Collector’s Editions, and while I had the headstart period, if I recall correctly, my account would shut down after that. So I did the logical thing and bought a normal edition, being a poor grad student, and then later bought my Collector’s Edition to layer on top of that. My favorite memory is here, when I wrote about Guild Wars ending development.

I still have that Collector’s Edition, as well as the two other Collector’s Edition for Factions and Nightfall. I still look at them fondly from time to time. 

Anyway, there is reason to boot up ye ol’ Guild Wars 1, for posterity if nothing else. The Ranger profession gets a Hound of Balthazar pet. There is a whole new weapon set, again based on Balthazar. New weapon skins, such as a wand with a sword skin. Plus all the festival events and goodies are present.

I always enjoy going back to Guild Wars 1 for brief bits. I am grateful I don’t have to resub to do so because it’s usually a drive-by level of fun. It’s a bit like driving by an old home one used to own.

Now, will ArenaNet use this momentous anniversary for Guild Wars 2 somehow, or will they respectfully keep things separate? I don’t know. Honestly, I’d put it to a coin flip, but we will see.


3 thoughts on “A Decade of Guild Wars”

  1. Yeah, at one point I heard that the upkeep for EverQuest Macintosh Edition was minimal and that they would keep the game going for free to preserve that community, and that was from a company that has been just slightly less likely to close down games than NCsoft. Maybe ANet has a deal worked out with their corporate masters, maybe it is still selling enough boxes to justify its existence, but I suspect there will come a time, sooner than we expect, where NCsoft will demand it be cut it off.

    1. Anecdotally, I’ve seen quite a few GW2 players go back and buy GW1 to experience the first game and get the rewards tied back in to GW2. Even Mrs. Ravious surprised me the other day in asking about it (and whether to pick it up). With that effect, I do think that GW1 is selling /some/… it is also on Steam, which helps.

      Anyway, given that GW1 and GW2 are tied together… I kind of have a feeling that the problems shutting GW1 down might be enough to keep it open longer than we expect.

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