Gen Con Planning

I will be attending Gen Con again this year. Last year, a few of us said we were going, but that never coalesced into a meetup or event. Would we like to do something like that? If there is enough interest or if we have several bloggers going from our corner of the blogosphere, we could even register an event, although it looks like there are costs involved in that.

Designate a time/place to meet up for conversation and open gaming? Pick a restaurant and have a Ratslayers Tavern some evening?

I am opening the floor to discussion for attendees so that we plan and do something. It is a big event (56,614 attendees, more expected this year) and it is hard to stumble over each other in that kind of crowd.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Gen Con Planning”

  1. Sounds fun! I was hoping to hit up GenCon or PAX Prime this year, but a recent hail storm literally swept away our vacation fund with a collapsed retaining wall. Perhaps next year! I might check out ArchCon this year just to see what’s up… I know it’s a pale shadow of the GenCon giant.

    1. Home insurance?

      Had a ton of ice-related damage thanks to the winter, but home owners insurance took care of it and ultimately we will be on the plus side by a decent amount. At least in our area, the deductible is only $1000, so if you have more damage than that, it’s worth looking into, especially as certain claims also won’t increase your rate cost.

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