Heroes of the Storm Non-Impressions

I have been trying Heroes of the Storm. It is kind of like League of Legends for people who don’t like the “fight the opposing champions” part very much, more of competitive PvE with some chance to kill your opponent. Old Blizzard refined the best of a genre into a polished project; New Blizzard seems to simplify a genre in search of an accessible product.

I kind of want to review it in pieces, because there are interesting design decisions being made, including some very nice pieces of polish. I think that will miss the overall point, though, because the gameplay is less compelling due to a combination of factors and missing factors, not something that will be apparent from one design choice in particular. I’ll probably go on to discuss a few details anyway.

If you always wanted a MOBA where the players were more of generals shepherding their forces than assassins fighting around them, this could be for you, or you might be able to find someone still playing Demigod.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Heroes of the Storm Non-Impressions”

  1. I’m enjoying HotS quite a bit. I also own Demigod :)

    I like how Blizzard has designed the game to eliminate snow balling, last hits, the carry, and dedicated laning. on top of that, a “long” match is 30 minutes, max.

  2. I am liking it. Having only played 10-15 matched of LoL, I don’t have the finer perceptions on the differences, but I do feel there is enough PvP to say that enemy champions matter. Perhaps it’s more their placement or a biased engagement than how a 1v1 goes down, I don’t know.

    My favorite is probably Nova, who really only cares about enemy engagement, but I am liking the specialist elf and tank too, which definitely both try and avoid enemy engagement.

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