I mentioned that Heroes of the Storm has daily quests that accumulate across days. Magic Duels uses the same system, even down to having three quest slots. Magic Duels also has an option to “reroll” daily quests under some circumstances.

Is this becoming a thing? Are lots of games doing this?

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Multi-day(lies)”

  1. It certainly seems to be the way Blizzard is steering things as of Hearthstone. I like it. It gives me a reason to come back every few days to clear a quest or three (especially if I can work on multiple at once) so I can make the most of my play time, instead of grinding out 30 gold per game.

  2. Even Fallout Shelter, the tablet/phone time-management app, has that sort of system (3 quests, reroll one each day). Although in Shelter’s case, you get a new quest as soon as another is completed.

    Overall, this is the sort of genius compromise between daily quests and that Netflix-esque “get 7 quests all at once each week” experiment that WoW tried a few expansions ago. It fits both the players who play every day and those that just play on the weekends. Kinda like LFG, I suspect we’ll start seeing this system propagate everywhere in the next few years.

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