[GW2] Heart of Value and Reason

I was pretty amazed at the amount of features ArenaNet delved in to yesterday in discussing the guild upgrades. Dulfy, Angel of Text Transmissions, as usual puts things in highly readable and digestible form. My favorite bullet points are multi-guild chat and the new guild missions. It seems like another really good update coming with the expansion, and most “core” owners will get most of these features as well. Heart of Thorns, I feel, is adding a lot of value to basic things.

My daily usually goes something like hit a vista, gather somewhere, go to WvW to stand on a ruin. I admit it is pretty rote right now. Mrs. Ravious and I used to do it together, but now we each have our preferred times and ways. She, a much better person and player than I, will usually do it through midday PvP. I just grind it at night out in the most menial of ways.

The new guild missions might shift that focus a bit. Say the daily is “capture a supply camp”. I can check to see if a WvW guild mission is up for capturing supply camps. The main rub is that at least 3 guild members need to capture the supply camp for it to count. This sounds like ArenaNet has created, for me, a reason to pause and collaborate with my guild beyond “fun” and “companionship”. Sometimes I need that objectivity.

Now the scope of that is going to be narrow if guild missions remain the same weekly thing. I have no doubt that for WvW missions my guild will have a set time (currently Sunday night) to work on them, and it may or may not correspond to any personal daily goal. Still, I feel the design strategy and obvious evolutions are there.  What if dailies and guild missions edged towards each other a bit?

One thing I picked up from playing in the beta weekends is the value of XP again. For so long the only thing I have used XP for is the notification that I have correctly tagged an event. I don’t even know or care how many post-80 levels my characters have. XP, like karma, is a worthless reward.

In the beta weekends, I find that the XP coming from anything returns to meaningful. I found myself smashing every rock and tree for any sweet, sweet XP I could. An event is happening? Tally ho, flower mucker, get ready for some weed killer. I need that XP juice to fill my mastery bars.

I do not doubt that masteries will be ground out, but given how Guild Wars 2 plays, I feel that is a mistake. If I play I will be advancing mastery. There is no need for it to become a Skinner box. I feel there is a difference between doing something for a reward and doing something because there is value. The pittance of gold and meaningless XP and karma rewards from events have created situations where doing events has little to no value. I hope masteries brings that back a tick, and if ArenaNet ever figures out how to fix karma, the event currency, then the value of completing any event will go up quite a few notches.

Again this is no Skinner box. This is more closely related to gold. Gold always has value in Guild Wars 2, whether to buy gems or buy some shiny skin or blast through some crafting project. Every time I get something to sell to the Trading Post I see value. I feel ArenaNet has done a pretty good job in that regard. Yes, the clink of pennies might be small, but I have never gone to the point as I have in other MMOs where those pennies are not without value.

Tomorrow starts the month of Heart of Thorns. More guild stuff is coming this week, and this beta weekend I plan on attacking the first raid boss. I am completely done, and have been for some time, prepping for the expansion both with investments and character prep. I am ready for some reason and value to go beyond my daily login.


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  1. I’ve never stopped appreciating my karma and xp. I do events every day just for the fun of them and every time they finish I look to see what award level I got and how much xp/karma. The fact that I don’t have a particular use for it is by the by.

    I always thought the way your xp bar keeps filling after 80 was one of the best and most innovative features GW2 brought to the genre. I credit that one mechanic with a good deal of my ongoing interest in playing my characters once they hit 80 instead of shelving them until a level cap increase as i would do in most MMOs.

    It’s seeing the bar move that matters most, not what effect, if any, moving the bar might have. Then again, as I’ve mentioned before, I do actively enjoy sitting watching the progress of download or update bars so I’m easily pleased that way.

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