Humble Monthly

The Humble Bundle folks are trying something new, a monthly subscription service. So you pre-pay for games without knowing which games. That sounds bad.

Spending $150/year on games I don’t know and probably won’t play seems like a bad investment. In the early days of Humble Bundle, I bought quite a few out of a mix of supporting the charity of the week and the indie developer of the week. Years later, my Steam catalog is bloated, and I have liked a small percentage of the games. Over time, the Humble offerings have expanded in various directions, and they more or less feel like a perpetual Steam yard sale on indie games through a different store front.

If I had more trust in their curating, this would probably be a great deal. If you buy almost every Humble Bundle, this is for you. If you maybe see a few games you like every few Bundles, bad. And I’m not especially sold on LootCrate-style deals where you pay someone to go buy things for you, but then I have rather niche tastes for my major interests.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Humble Monthly”

  1. Fully agree.

    First the $15 price point is very high for Humble Bundle to begin with, even if said bundle has 2-3 games I kinda want (they are almost never ‘must have’ titles), but the odds of EVERY bundle having 2-3 such games is basically zero.

    Then you have the fact that, very likely, you are going to have months of nothing in the bundle that you even remotely wanted, which is just a straight up waste of $15.

    In the middle ground, where you might get 1 title you kinda wanted, you still overpaid.

    I don’t get it…

  2. Hmm, seems like an interesting idea. Then again, who’s really benefiting from this the most. The devs, H/B or the subscriber? Someone going for something like this needs to see it more as an investment into the indie game developers, than as getting great games at a good price.

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