Bad Habits

I decided to play a bit of Borderlands 2 and see the quests I never did back in the day. I also stumbled into the Minecraft Easter egg, which was kind of neat.

I was playing as the Mechromancer. Her bullets bounce off surfaces to hit targets, and she has a pet that flies around to kill things. If you ever want to get in the worst possible FPS habits, play a character who negligently runs around and fires shotgun blasts in the general direction of enemies. And it works. It seems like that should not receive positive reinforcement.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Bad Habits”

  1. haha the so called Girlfriend mode. I kind of found it rather fun for a change of pace as it’s even less mindless than the others. Plus having a gigantic mech is awesome

  2. As a pretty bad FPS player myself, I’ve never had more fun. And it allowed me to keep up with my son when we did some co-op stuff. Fun class for me.

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