[GW2] The Last Core Weekend

I would say I’ve been diligently keeping the coals warm in Guild Wars 2. Every Sunday is guild missions, every day at some point (before work or post-kids) I do the daily, and then I dally here and there. Silverwastes farming is a decent go to since I can still gamble for the bee jewel. Recently, I’ve decided to slowly get actual alt’s to 80.

It might surprise many that I only have on alt. I have many tools, but I don’t really care about them beyond their function. I don’t play them with the joy of them being a “character”. I just started three more alts, and I plan on enjoying when I play them. This might be a rare thing, rarer after the expansion launches.

Over the course of the year I have stockpiled a bit, splurged a bit, and kind of kept a wary eye on the horizon. Sometimes there is not else to do but wait.

Yet, the waiting has a comfortable energy of goals long in the fire. Of having completed what I’ve wanted to. Next weekend will be one of a fury and fervor. Already, I feel there is too much coming.

Will I explore the new WvW map? Work on finally getting a legendary? What about the Heart of Thorns maps and that content? Stronghold PvP where Mrs. Ravious will surely be every day? What will my guild be doing? I don’t even want to think about raids and the time that will take away from everything else. Oh, and Halloween. Halloween is the worst and best of all because it is temporary.

Will I focus or dabble? I honestly don’t know. I do know that I don’t have time to do everything.

I will enjoy this last weekend of comfort and boredom. I will dally with my alts. I will complete the daily on the usual whim. This is the last time for that. Maybe months from now it will return. I tend to doubt it. If ArenaNet falls silent like they have this year after Heart of Thorns they will have wasted momentum. I expect them to ride this surge forward for a long time.

Enjoy this last weekend. Things are sure to change.


2 thoughts on “[GW2] The Last Core Weekend”

  1. Oddly I suspect I’ll spend the first week working on the Halloween content. Kind of silly that they’re releasing at the same time, but oh well.

  2. If you expect a “surge forward” I think you’ll be disappointed. I expect them to sit on what they’ve provided other than firefighting the inevitable bug flares and re-direct their energies to promoting their sPvP Esport ambitions. They have also said that their focus post-HoT will move to fixing WvW, although that I’ll believe when I see it. Oh, and Raids, of course. Instanced content most players will never experience.

    It’s very notable that not once have they made any statement, at least any I have been able to find, about any continuation of The Living Story. I’m not expecting anything there. We will get the new Personal Story and that will be it.

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