The loot system for Borderlands is both a selling point and a major problem with the franchise. I dislike Diablo-style loot in general, but Borderlands seems especially damaged by the way you break up your rampage with a stop to compare stats on equipment. Playing the Mechromancer, she comments on how much she loves reading numbers (granted, she’s an engineer and that might not be sarcasm). Games need some downtime, some lows and highs, but this is a poor method for inserting lots of pauses. Again as the Mechromancer, the pauses are especially annoying because a lot of her power comes from a time-limited robot who gets stronger as it racks up kills, so if you pause to read stats, you are wasting time on your robot and losing its extra power if you were on a roll.

The Mechromancer herself gets on a roll. I played through the whole base campaign without using Anarchy because I’m an accuracy-loving kind of gamer. Pet plus sniper rifle made me happy. Returning to New Game+, I have been going with Anarchy, which gives you a lot more of “shoot in this general direction.” But the massive damage is really nice, especially once you get to full stacks. Life is different at +700% damage.

Losing that momentum is basically a “I might as well stop playing” moment. If you die and lose 150 stacks of Anarchy, you now get to go back after whatever killed you while doing 1/8th the damage you were doing before. Good luck with that! Or maybe you didn’t die, just accidentally hit R. Oops, you threw away a lot of work because you pressed a key that is right there, often with the screen chanting at you to press it. Death is usually a break in the action. Reloading is often something you do during a break in the action. Having either potentially end your play session is undesirable.

: Zubon