Pathfinder Adventures is the electronic version of the card game version of Paizo’s version of D&D.

I feel like I should be able to work a couple more “version of”s in there, but it could be a stretch.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Recursion”

  1. Is yours the Android or iOS (or soon, Steam) version? The most recent version?

    1. I was fighting with numbering. Pathfinder comes from 3.5 AD&D, but there were a couple versions of D&D before “Advanced,” and then you could call late 1st edition “1.5” given “3.5,” and then 3.0 and 3.5 are Wizards of the Coast’s versions…

      Combining above: “of Paizo’s version of Wizards of the Coast’s second version of Gygax’s second version of fantasy’s version of wargaming”?

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