Portals and Pokéstops

Pokémon Go released last week. You probably already know this.

Pokémon Go comes from Niantic, makers of Ingress. All that data Ingress players collected was then used as the basis for a new game. People are laughing about how many churches have been tagged as Pokémon gyms. All those Ingress portals are now gyms and PokéStops, so the historical district of your town is probably full of Pokémon trainers collecting Poké Balls. The re-use of location data is efficient and sometimes surreal as some Ingress portals are misplaced, non-existent, tagged with Ingress RP, or otherwise inappropriate. Any stories you heard about Ingress players in a bad part of town or getting questions for lurking around the police station are now multiplied by the vastly more popular IP and the number of younger players.

Also multiply any positives, as one Pokémon app has done more in a weekend than a decade of obesity and exercise public service announcements.

: Zubon