Incentives and Locations

Where Ingress was structured almost entirely around portals, Pokémon Go has incentives both to seek out those same locations and to head away from them. This is healthier on several levels.

Ingress’s portals are Pokémon Go’s gyms and PokéStops. Gyms are the PvP spots, and PvP seems much narrower in Pokémon Go. You can control gyms for your team, and there are moderate incentives for doing so. PokéStops provide items, notably the Poké Balls you need to collect Pokémon and the recovery items to heal after gym fights. Contrast with Ingress’s portals, where the same locations are your PvP control points and your source for items, with large incentives to control networks of them. (PokéStops dole out items every 5 minutes, like portals, but they do not “wear out” after 4 uses in 4 hours, so living or working at a PokéStop can let you refill pretty conveniently. “Never runs out” encourages camping a bit, but you only get your dose every 5 minutes, so that is pretty suboptimal unless there are also a few monster spawns.)

But you are playing Pokémon, so you probably want to catch some monsters. Where are they? Out in the world, go for a walk. If you sit on a spawn point, they do keep spawning so you can collect a fair number … of the same general type. Want something other than a 20th Rattata? Go for a walk. (I presume rare spawns are not easily farmable by hanging around the same spawn point, percentage chance? I’m not an expert here.) That is also a good way to level up, because you get a lump of experience points every time you capture a monster for the first time.

Eggs are the other reason to go for a walk. In classic Pokémon faction, you hatch eggs by putting them in an incubator and walking so many kilometers. You find eggs at PokéStops, up to a capped number. Want to hatch them and get more eggs? Go for a walk. Maybe you will find a new type of monster while you are out there.

I have friends who are now walking miles per day to look for Pokémon and check their gyms.

: Zubon

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  1. I read somewhere, either on a gaming site or on an official press release, that the farther away you travel from “Home,” the location where you first collect your Starter, the rarer the Pokemon you see. Also, the game can’t tell very well whether you’re walking or driving.

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