Kingdom Death Kickstarter

This is not a project I am backing, but I feel that I should point out the gaming Kickstarter spectacle of the year. I would surprised if anything tops the $10 million (and counting!) that Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 has. You have one day left if you want to join in, but I mostly want to wave towards the spectacle. The campaign is past 10,000% funding. On my monitor, the description is more than 100 screens long as they just keep adding things. The average pledge is over $500, and more than 250 people took the $2,000 pledge level (plus any add-ons). Pathfinder is doing a crossover, and that’s just the one where I got a press release.

I was really impressed with Monte Cook’s Invisible Sun, but this is more than 10 times as big.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Death Kickstarter”

  1. $10 million and an estimated delivery date four years away? There is no possible alternate universe in which this ends well.

    1. That is the last piece of several. Go to the bottom of the page and up a couple of screens for the timeline. This summer is the date for the update core game. The bigger packs are effectively a multi-year subscription to the game’s development.

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