Second Winds

I often find myself trying a game, getting really into it for a day or a week, setting it aside for some reason or another, and then never getting the taste to pick it back up. I binged on Mini Metro but barely played it after the first week. (Still worth it, for the time and the money.) I have a dozen games on my desktop started but incomplete. I think I could binge the rest of the way through them if I started, but I have not had the intersection of mood and time to binge on them. And then I hesitate to start another with a dozen waiting there.

Years ago, this was summer vacation and I could burn through those games. Now I am thinking about cleaning out my house, and procrastinating from both cleaning and gaming.

: Zubon

One thought on “Second Winds”

  1. Not judging at all….I have invested a lot of time into Elder Scrolls Online. I love it and play everyday…but I force myself to do some sort of cleaning or organizing. It also distracts me from the fact that my work schedule is shorter 😊

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