Hearthstone: Deeper in the Dungeon

hearthstone screenshot showing 2 complete dungeon runs in 2 tries I decided to give Hearthstone a little more time by trying out the dungeon run with each class. It seemed like a good way to unlock all the basic cards. And, well, see the screenshot. Either the Druid has an easier time, Hearthstone times rogue-like is as random as suggested, or I am just that good.

: Zubon

I doubt I am just that good.

One thought on “Hearthstone: Deeper in the Dungeon”

  1. I am on try 10 with my Priest. I haven’t played HS in over a year but the Priest has always been my favorite deck. I have made it to the final boss around 25% of the time, but haven’t won.

    I know I am not that good =) But trying with the Druid, to test your theory!

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